Holy crap this list is long. Staff tends to be highly variable and depends a great deal on project. Some people disappear and reappear, some people are backups of backups, and all in all it’s rather chaotic, but it works somehow.

List probably current as of 12/25/2013. Merry christmas.

lyger leader, translator, jack of all trades
escro translator
cykia translator
Neibs translator, NyanTaku leader
lunr timer
HyakuPercent timer, typesetter
Calyrica k-timer, kfx, QC
tokomak typesetter (manga), font consultant, master of none
ǝɐp typesetter
fara_ujde typesetter
trichinas typesetter
KoolKidsK typesetter-/encoder-in-training
Jeffrey-sama editor, ddl manager
twinkle- editor, QC
Kagecode XViD encoder, editor
Yunno encoder
Nevreen encoder, editor
yepperoni webmaster, encoder
MIA/Old/Inactive Staff
Holeymeister founder
h4m74r0 translator
KumaKaori translator (manga)
AkiraScuro translator (manga)
Eab1990 editor
MikiMiki timer
Midgie typesetter
the1 editor
auriculogenesis QC
Squiggy timer, distro, server hosting
hellborn encoder
sinkingmist editor, QC
Senna editor, QC, timer
puddi translator, typesetter, other misc. tasks
Rekyu translator
Fyurie timer, k-timer, typesetter, editor, QC, overworked

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  1. David

    Hello everybody,
    For a research project at my university, I’m trying to find out to what extent fansubbing has influenced the professional subtitling industry. I hope some of you could answer some questions for me. Thank you in advance!

    How do you see the ethical and legal side of fansubbing?

    Is there cooperation between fansubbers and professionals?

    Do you offer any support for the anime companies?

    Do you see them as enemies or friends?

    Do you know of anyone who started doing fansubs and ended up finding a career as professional subtitler?

    What is your motivation to provide fansubs?

    1. Someone

      *admin edit: take these answers with a grain of salt. these aren’t answers by staff of EveTaku.*

      Lemme answer the questions you ask…

      1) Yes. Because we love our animu and we like subbing it so others can love it two.
      2) No.
      3) No, because they think fansubbing is “illegal”.
      4) Foes.
      5) No.
      6) Because we can.

      ’nuff said!

    2. puddizzle

      Sorry for not seeing this earlier. I’m a translator for EveTaku, but my views are unrepresentative of the entire group’s view.

      – How do you see the ethical and legal side of fansubbing?
      For one, I question your “ethical side of fansubbing”, but that aside: it’s true that what we’re doing is copyright infringement, by distributing copyrighted work without the consent of the copyright owners. If the government comes down on us under the basis of copyright infringement, then we don’t have much to argue for our case. That being said, even if what we are doing is illegal, we haven’t received any C&D letters. You wanna know why? It’s because rational companies know that what we’re doing is publicizing their work in places and demographics that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, and all for free.

      – Is there cooperation between fansubbers and professionals?
      No, because fansubbers don’t have money. Professional subtitling companies are able to pay for the liscence to localize and distribute copyright material – we barely have enough money to hold this site online. In a capitalist society, all corporations care about, unfortunately, is money, and that’s why you don’t see these two spheres overlapping.

      – Do you offer any support for the anime companies?
      If you’re not counting the somewhat arguable point of “publicizing their works in places and demographics that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise for free”, then no, not really. However, if a studio asks us to stop distributing X, and they have reasonable cause and reason to do so, and insofar that they produce reasonable products using that work, then I think we’d be happy to oblige, and support their endeavors for that work instead.

      – Do you see them as enemies or friends?
      I’m neutral on this one, personally.

      – Do you know of anyone who started doing fansubs and ended up finding a career as professional subtitler?
      Not personally, but many people who work for CR are old fansubbers, and people like 8thsin have found translation jobs following their subtitling bout.

      – What is your motivation to provide fansubs?
      For me, it is to both a) practice my Japanese skills in a way that helps me exercise them and apply them to an interesting medium, and b) to produce quality work, publicly available, so as to make various peoples happy.

    3. Jeffrey-sama

      Might as well answer as well~

      >How do you see the ethical and legal side of fansubbing?
      I believe it’s ethical but illegal. Firstly, the anime itself is property of the original creator and production company that worked on it. However, I think that fansubbing is what allows people outside of Japan who don’t have access to the raws/don’t understand Japanese to be able to enjoy anime. It also encourages viewers to learn more about Japanese culture. Also, most fansub groups aren’t doing this sort of thing for money, which is why they’re not being highly persecuted by authorities.

      >Is there cooperation between fansubbers and professionals?
      I doubt it. The two things separating fansubbers and professionals are money and legality. Professional subs are done for money whereas fansubs are generally not. However, the word “professional” is at times inaccurate, as there have been quite a few times where CrunchyRoll subs have been inferior to fansubs in every possible way. Essentially, it’s virtually impossible for a legal and illegal group to cooperate.

      >Do you offer any support for the anime companies?
      I don’t think so. I doubt any companies would waste their time asking fansub groups for “support” anyways.

      >Do you see them as enemies or friends?
      Neither. They do their thing, we do ours. It’s as simple as that. If I had to choose one, I’d go with “friends” since they /are/ the ones creating the episodes in the first place.

      >Do you know of anyone who started doing fansubs and ended up finding a career as professional subtitler?
      I’ve heard rumors that the translator for Eclipse became a CR translator. It’s highly possible, in my opinion.

      >What is your motivation to provide fansubs?
      Two reasons,
      1) I didn’t want to remain a leecher forever
      2) I wanted to work with a group of people who share similar interests.

    4. lygerzero0zero Post author

      First let me emphasize that there is no such thing as a “typical fansubber”. We’re all in this for different things and with different opinions, even within the same group.

      –How do you see the ethical and legal side of fansubbing?
      More or less what Jeffrey-sama said.

      –Is there cooperation between fansubbers and professionals?
      Not unheard of, but I feel it’s very rare in anime fan translations. I believe it’s more common with game translations, for example. Sometimes companies will acknowledge the positive influence of fan translations on popularizing certain titles, but there’s also a lot of enmity on both sides of the fence.

      –Do you offer any support for the anime companies?
      Personally I buy a decent amount. It’s been a while since I last added it up but I’ve easily spent a few thousand (USD) on my hobby. That doesn’t mean I support North American distributors. As a translator, the most valuable product that the North American companies can offer me is a high-quality translation, and if I don’t feel guaranteed that then I’m less likely to pay. After I shelled out 80 bucks to Tokyopop for manga with increasingly sub-par translations, I permanently swore off translated manga and currently own 30~40 volumes in Japanese.

      –Do you see them as enemies or friends?
      As mentioned (and as some of the other answers here may indicate) there are definitely people who would see licensors as enemies. Personally? I don’t see them as enemies, but you’d better have a damn good product if you expect me to pay.

      –Do you know of anyone who started doing fansubs and ended up finding a career as professional subtitler?
      Plenty. Have you ever seen Crunchyroll’s recruitment page? It’s obvious they’re looking to hire former fansubbers. In fact, I often hear that the current generation of professionals were the last generation of VHS fansubbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

      –What is your motivation to provide fansubs?
      Simply put, to do justice (to the best of my ability) to a show that I like and provide the fans with as high-quality a viewing experience as I can. It’s also a great opportunity for me to practice my translation skills and my Japanese, and I enjoy it.

    5. Squiggy

      Me too, me too

      How do you see the ethical and legal side of fansubbing?
      I don’t care at all, I’ve lead a huge warezforum for years and run multiple distro bots on both warez and anime.

      Is there cooperation between fansubbers and professionals?
      Almost none, no. THen again, define ‘professionals’

      Do you offer any support for the anime companies?
      No, I don’t.

      Do you see them as enemies or friends?
      The former.

      Do you know of anyone who started doing fansubs and ended up finding a career as professional subtitler?
      It’s said that CR recruited various TLs and Editors for them – I’m unaware of the names, thou.

      What is your motivation to provide fansubs?
      So I can watch them myself without having to wait for ‘professional’ releases.
      Also, since I’m living in a really boring village, it’s a good waste of time.

  2. w0lf

    *admin edit: again, take these answers with a grain of salt. w0lf is a staff member of Ahodomo Fansubs, and does not necessarily represent EveTaku’s stance on any of these questions.*

    Oh boy, survey type things!!

    1) Legal side? Screw that. We fansub because it’s not made readily available to western audiences. A lot of american-ified releases are either dubbed (Which many don’t like) and/or take a verrrry long time to become translated. (for obvious reasons) Many don’t really find this wait worthwhile and a lot of times, many will agree that the product certainly doesn’t meet the original’s standards. Some companies are so bad that they become infamous for it. Just look at 4kids.

    2) Pshno.

    3) Can’t speak for the masses here, so to speak, but I myself try to buy merchandise and the like whenever possible. As a native Japanese national, I’m able to both speak and read Japanese. Buying anime is a bit unrealistic due to me being a student and BD boxes being ridiculously overpriced, but I can buy manga easily at cheap prices. So, I do just that. I refuse to read scanlations and buy all manga I want to read. Aside from that, I like to purchase other merchandise like posters, figures, and other misc items.

    4) Neutral. Except crunchyroll. Everyone hates crunchyroll.

    5) Plenty. Not anyone personally, though. I know there are quite a few “professional” translators who started off as fansubbers, though.

    6) Translators are hard to come by. Especially competent and fluent translators. It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation by allowing a larger western audience enjoy the shows with maximum translational accuracy with a fine balance of localization and nuance. I take pride as a translator. I provide what others will otherwise not be able to acquire.

    Also it’s great for your E-Peen.

  3. Navy

    Hi, I’m part of 48World, a french fansub team. We do a lot of work on AKB48 and H!P groups. We’d like to translate (in french) some of you works (including AKB0048 Next Stage). You’b be of course credited in our videos with links on our forum if you want. I’m not sure if you’re the one I should ask. Please tell me why if I’m wrong.

    Please, give me an anser even if negative
    Thanks for the hard work

  4. Hidayat (Yacchan)

    This is about AKB0048, First stage and Next stage..

    I want to ask whether there are Malay or Chinese subs are available, in this group or other groups, or not?

    I want to share anime to my friends that don’t understand Japanese (and they also don’t understand English that much as well) but I couldn’t find any Malay or Chinese (Simplified) subs on the internet.. I only found Indonesian sub but it’s not the same as Malay and my friends won’t understand it as well.

    If there are anime with Malay or Chinese (Simplified) subs (any one or both), can you give me the link?

    If there are NO anime with Malay or Chinese subs, can you give me permission to reuse the script inside your MKV file for me to make the Malay or Chinese subs?
    >If you given link for Malay-subbed, I’ll only make Chinese-sub
    >If you given link for Chinese-subbed, I’ll only make Malay-sub
    >If you given both link, I won’t have to do the subs, and just download them!
    >If no link given, I’ll make Malay and Chinese bilingual subs
    The subs that I would make would not be based on your English subtitles as I will re-translate it directly from the Japanese dialogues, because there’s too much different between English and Malay and Chinese, so that anything English-subbed no koto can’t be directly translated into other language.
    And of course I’ll credit to you and anyone else if you took from them.

    Note: Malay language that I use all the time is the Malaysian Malay, it is different from South Thailand’s Malay, or Singaporean Malay, or Brunei Malay or the Indonesian language.
    あの.. Chinese language I use all the time is the Malaysian Mandarin Chinese with Simplified Han characters, it’s ALMOST the same as China’s Chinese, but not 100% same, but surely it will not the same as Taiwanese or Hong Kong Chinese.
    Soshite, English language that I use is the Malaysian English (originated from UK English but changed from time to time) and it is not the same as the original UK English or US English.

    I’m a native speaker of Malay, Chinese is my second language, English the third and Japanese (still much more to go on) the fourth.

    I’ll bookmark this page and revisit often to view your reply.
    If you want to PM me, just send to my Facebook via the default Facebook message app.
    (Link to my Facebook is on my name just after the smiling clapping girl avatar and before the post date, from there, you can send me FBのPM, arigatou!)

    Thank you very much!! ありがとうございます!!Terima kasih banyak-banyak!! 好多谢你们!!

    1. lygerzero0zero

      None of us are experts on the Malay or Chinese fansub scenes. If there are releases for AKB0048 in those languages, we would not know. You can check databases like AniDB or MAL, which list fansub groups in all languages. If those databases do not have Chinese or Malay groups, then either releases in those languages do not exist, or the lists are not comprehensive. Either way, you would know more about it than us.

      You have permission to use our release to create fansubs in other languages.

    2. lygerzero0zero

      On second thought, I’ve seen screenshots with Chinese subtitles floating around, so Chinese fansubs should exist. The Chinese was unsimplified, so probably from Taiwanese subbers. Again, I wouldn’t know where to look to find them, but they’re out there.

      1. Hidayat (Yacchan)

        I checked on MAL..
        Which fansubbers do you like the best? Click + to approve of their subs for this show. Click – if you don’t think they did such a great job.
        [+] [-] EveTaku [EveTaku] 123 of 128 users approve
        [/] [-] Aenianos Fansubber [Aenianos] (Brazilian Portuguese) 19 of 20 users approve
        [/] [-] HorribleSubs [HorribleSubs] 16 of 58 users approve
        [/] [-] SeedTeam [-SeT-] (French) 7 of 7 users approve
        [/] [-] DragonHall+ [DH] (Hungarian)

        There are only English, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Hungarian.. -_-

        Thanks for permission to create fansub in other language! :D

        And for the Chinese, some of us can still read the subs if unsimplified but majority of us can’t read it anymore because we always use simplified and never used unsimplified anymore.. :3

        1. RDF2050

          The best way is always watching the release episode and determine which one did the best work from your point of view. In my case, that’s how I decide which fansub I follow.

  5. YellowDrache

    I really love your subs, they are always good. :D The karaoke is very lovely. Please continue this good work. :D

  6. MrJupatho

    When Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku- Kinetograph OVA 2 will be subbed?

    Please sub this good ova anime, there so many People Craving to watch this!

  7. Bob

    When will hanayaka nari waga ichizoku kinetograph episode 2 be Released? I have been waiting so long. Please please sub it *~*

  8. Tock

    I have a question too :)

    I really enjoy your Fansubs and wanted to ask if you guys and girls would work for a big Anime Publisher if he would as you to work for them instead of Fansubbing and uploading Anime.

    Often I’m really unhappy with the original subtitles of DVD/BD releases so i would love to see subs by a Fansub Group which creates Fansubs with such a passion as you do (if this would ever happen).


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