Sword Art Online

Status Completed
NyanTaku (Episodes 1-12)
EveTaku (Episodes 13-25)
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 25
Genres MMORPG, Survival Game, Action
Release Format 720p h264 10bit/8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

22 thoughts on “Sword Art Online

  1. Mimiko

    Fell in LOVE with this~ (SO MANY FEELS ON THE FIRST EP!)
    I cant wait till the next episode ^^
    I look forward to each new episode
    Please keep up the good work and i wish u all smooth sailing with all of your projects!

    1. Senna

      Thank you for the support! We’re looking forward to an amazing journey with this project, too! I wish that you have at least as much fun watching Sword Art Online as much as we have in subbing it for you!

  2. Seraphim

    Thank you very much for subbing this.
    I enjoyed the novels immensly and it looks like the SAO anime will go in chronological order so it should be interesting to finally get everything in the correct order.

  3. Corax

    I looked at a few different subbers for this anime and I found you guys :D My favorite sub group for this show by far so far! Keep up the great work and ignore my constant visits to the site to check for the next episode regardless of the fact I know an episode won’t be released the day after you release one.

  4. TwilightChrono

    Keep up the awesome subs guys. Sorry I haven’t been in chat with you guys recently.

  5. Keiya

    I got a lot of catching up to do!

    Thanks to this, I can’t sleep properly just by thinking how great it is~ :3

    Go for more subs guys~ I’m rooting for you~ =w=

  6. Kystha

    Read most of the novels n they are awesome. Up to Vol.9 atm.
    So happy that the anime is great too. It follows pretty closely too.

  7. Chris

    Thank you so much for Sword Art Online. I had kind of thought my anime obsessed days were over with,
    But I stumbled across SAO and ever since have been addicted. Probably re-watched every episode at least 20 times.
    Definitely going to get all the novels and what not as well. Probably my favorite anime in a long, long time.

    Thank you as well because everywhere I looked, I found really botched/glitchy looking/incorrect subs,
    or the episodes are glitchy/poor quality/translated wrong/not translated at all/other crap.

    But your’s are very high quality and the subs are clear, easy to read, and easy on the eyes.
    So thank you very, very much. I’m going to try and donate sometime, but money is really tight on my end right now.
    Hopefully I can donate sometime soon, and good luck to EveTaku, and all your projects.


  8. Kari

    thanks for keeping current with this one. i just started showing it to the kids at anime club last week and they already love it. (good thing, cause with only one episode a week we’re gonna be watching it for awhile, heh heh. >w>;; )

  9. Stefan

    Hello! I found the Sword Art Online episodes you guys translated on another anime website (available to download). Even so there are other translations available (starting from horriblesubs and other fan subs) I’m waiting for you guys to post episodes 16, 17!

    First time on your website, keep up the good work:)!

    1. KoolKidsK

      If you’re talking about the BD Special, Sword Art Offline, yes. I believe so. The FTP’s down, but I think we already have encodes. Don’t quote me on that, though.

  10. Ken

    Thanks for subbing this. One question though.. in ep 17 you called the Sylph town “Sylvain” then in ep 20 it became “Swilvane”. Is ep 20 a mistake in the text or was ep 17?

  11. Frustrated Bookworm

    Hey there! It was such a shame that I only found this website now. Anyways, thanks for this sword art online that I had the chance to download. It’s good and it’s fast (;
    By the way, is there any possibility that you might be adding some more anime? I’d totally love it if there is.

  12. Killua

    will it be possible for you guys to re-upload the series….the download link says file doesn’t exist anymore!!!


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