Shingeki no Kyojin

Status Completed
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 25
Genres Titans, Giants, Eotens, whatever
Release Format 720p h264 10/8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

78 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. t-doa-l

    Hi and thanks for the good work.
    Besides there was this mistake in the first sentence in the opening in the first episode (“Sei des Hetzen und wir sind die Jäger”) but you corrected it in the second episode correctly (“Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger”) but the translation is still unchanged (“You’re the prey and we’re the hunters”) and actually a fault because “Essen” refers in German to “food”. So, “prey” is still incorrect. A correcct translation of this would be something like “They are the food and we are the hunters. ” (but i think something like “eating” instead of “food” is also possible).

    1. Rekyu

      Hunters eat prey, so the meaning is essentially the same, and between “food” and “prey,” the latter seems to be the superior choice.

      1. t-doa-l

        Yeah, it’s true. But for me it still sounds odd (actually i live in Germany) even though “prey” sounds much better (and makes more sense with hunters ) than only “food”, the difference (for me) is that “food” is already dead and the “prey” is something you still have to hunt down. (I don’t know) but i think the songwriter used “Essen” instead of “prey” (in german “Beute” or “Wild” ) because it is easier to pronounce (?) . Whatever, the context doesn’t change much and it’s only one sentence. Therefore i haven’t anything to complain if you want to hold on it.

        1. donkeydoo

          Since the song was written by a Japanese guy and not a native German speaker, any interpretation needs to be thoughtful about intent and avoid being too literal, especially when the sentence in question is so awkward (You are the food? Wut?)

          Anyway I am not even convinced that Evetaku or anyone else have the lyrics correct. I have listened as closely as I can to the song and it is simply not possible to make out what they say — I suspect because it is German sung with a Japanese accent. Anyone know if there are official lyrics available?

          1. Justin

            I think it might be “Sind Sie Der Gegessen? Nein Wir sind die Jager.” “Are you the eaten? No, we are the hunters”. In any case it’s impossible to tell. It’s too fast, and yeah it’s German spoken in a Japanese accent. Also, beacuase of the way German works small differences in pronunciation can have big impacts on meaning.

            I like the call and response aspect of my translation. :) Who cares if it’s accurate? It fits the show (and the rest of the opening song) perfectly.

        2. SeLfKiLlEr

          i would agree with the harder to pronounce “eu” words in german, but maybe they just took
          “meal” which would be “Essen” in german too. So it could be something like “They’re the hunters and we’re their meal.” (in correct word order) but i like the prey too.

          anyways very nice subs keep it up !

          1. Daniel

            I’m afraid y’all reading too much into it. As a native speaker I dare say “Sie sind das Hetzen, wir sind die Jäger” is still the most probable version. I would assume that it is simply a poor attempt on “Sie sind die Gehetzten, wir sind die Jäger – The are the chased ones, we are the hunters.” wich is still a weird way to phrase it, although grammatically correct. The main mistake was to pronounce “Hetzen – to chase” as a verb, rather than it’s noun equivalent “Gehetzer (Gehetzten for plural) – Chased one(s)”. We have three articles: “der” is the male version, “die” would be female (die Bart, die) and “das” is for things. While it is correct, when discribing an action, to use the non-gender specific article “das hetzen”, when refering to a group of individuals you adress “die Gehetzten” with the female article.
            I guess the intended phrase was “Sie sind die Gejagten/Beute, wir sind die Jäger.” wich translates to “They are the hunted/prey, we are the hunters” as you all figured out from the start. I find it also makes for a nice allegory on the series, since a lot of the courage and hope is drawn from turning the tides to become the hunter instead of the prey. Humans refusing to be cattle (sometimes cracking and giving in to that position along the way) is the main drive of the dramaturgy.

            By the way: the name of the City “Trost” ist the german Word for solace, wich makes the name of the arc “Battle for Trost” into a nice play on words. Intentional? No idea, but curios non the less.

            Hope I could clear some things up for ya’. :)

          2. Daniel

            Hmm, on a second listen it might very well be “Sie sind das Essen, wir sind die Jäger – They are the food, we are the hunters” wich is correct in every way, but a weird thing to say.

          3. Neibs

            According, to the official lyrics, it says “Sie sin das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger.”

  2. blueblitz

    hello guys, uhmm.. will evetaku going to sub all the episode of shingeki no kyoji? pls reply ^_^

  3. Jeddy

    I just want to express my thanks for you guys taking on this project because of all the sub out there, EveTaku provides the correct subs and best quality and best codec. Seriously, I have problem with this anime codec and downloaded from gg, commie, and other subbers but the codec wouldn’t work correctly but somehow this version is the only one that works for my com. Thanks. I love the avi version too. Thanks for providing them.

  4. John Smith

    I appreciate the work but why is EveTaku always relatively late? I don’t want to deal with trollsubbing from gg and Commie

  5. SCndZ

    Only discovered this series a few days ago and so far, your releases are the best I’ve found. Will definitely check out your other stuff. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to do these

  6. Jordan

    I dunno if you check translation reviews, and I’m not some kind of master in any art, but you have to admit that the translations from you guys are pretty strange sometimes… One site said it was too dictionary and failed to capture tone. I like your translations because they look much better than Commie’s, but I find myself comparing gg, Commie, and you and rewriting script on subtitle edit. Does that make me a bad person? :/

    1. donkeydoo

      Why not throw an example or two out there to help them understand what you think is “strange”? I ended up with Evetaku subs for this series because I tried gg and some of their translations really bothered me (can’t remember what specifically, but I really despise when American-isms are inserted into anime so it was probably something like that… Japanese people don’t say things like “the fuck you looking at punk?”, believe it!) I tried commie and I just can’t handle the “eotens” thing — I think it is extremely clever and well thought-out, but I just don’t like it. The official English title of the show is “Attack on Titan” so the “kyojin” are “titans” — end of story. Subbers should be trying as hard as possible to avoid inserting their own flavor into the show, no matter how clever they are. Evetaku strikes a nice balance between literal and meaning.

  7. John Smith

    I’m tired of waiting for you every single week. I like your encodes and translation but I’m growing impatient with you. I’ll watch gg instead.

    1. Midnight Corutin

      You do realise the anime is only aired once a week right?
      They can’t magically get the entire series in one day while still being aired.
      Have some consideration. They charge no money and find time to do this for us with all the problems they may/may not face in real life.

    2. SeLfKiLlEr

      read the manga or wiki if you’re that impatient
      or just pretend the series is aired on Mon/Thu and you won’t have any problem
      i have no problem what so ever to wait 2-3Days for a good sub

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  13. Anon

    Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to sub this series! It’s much appreciated, and you guys are doing a great job with this series!

    Now for those of you who are inpatient and keep begging for new episodes to be released faster or those who just complain way too much, SHUT UP. Eve-Taku is doing their best with this, and believe it or not, they have lives outside of subbing anime. Just be grateful that they put out quality subs for FREE for other people to watch. Complaining about other subbers being quicker with releases or how much you hate waiting for Eve-Taku will literally do you no good. The only people who can complain or criticize are those who can do a better job than Eve-Taku, and so far, I don’t think any of the complainers are capable of that. So please, stop your whining! Learn to appreciate the gift of others and the fact that they’re giving it out for FREE.

    For those of you who stand up for Eve-Taku, mad props to you because you know how to respect people who hard work and take time out of their lives to sub for those who don’t know how.

  14. Meg

    Can anyone explain the difference between 720p 10 and 720p 8? I’m not sure which one to download.

    1. Shaun

      10 is smaller sized and looks nicer but might not be compatible with some video viewing software. 8 is compatible with any, but has a larger size.

  15. Xerxes

    I just wanted to say thanks for the good job you’re doing with this anime. Your version is my favourite and it worths waiting for it :)

  16. Panda

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it, especially when it’s the best quality subs I’ve found so far.

  17. Madao

    Hello EveTaku, thank you for subbing this series!! I will happily wait an inconsequential amount of time for you guys to properly sub each episode rather then go with one of the rush jobs currently available. All in all, thanks! ^^

    Eotans. LoL.

    1. zn

      It was already announced ages ago, that the OVA has been delayed till like November or something…

    1. ZshadeZ

      It’s not worth it, it’s entirely recap of recycled footage that’s mostly the same recycled footage in the episode introductions.

  18. Shaday

    Arhhhhhhh…. It takes too long ! When is Episode 16 gonna be released ? Says QC. I can’t wait. BTW u guys are the best ! Tried many many many many different sides, but you guys are the most accurate and come up with best quality. And for those two reasons I can wait day or two longer. :3

  19. Madao

    Hello Evetaku, thank you for your continued support of this series! You are doing a fantastic job of producing the highest quality subs on the net. Sooooo….. thank you thank you thank you! ^^

  20. Janoosen

    So, after reading around on some forums I decided to wait with watching episode 16 until you guys released it. Just downloaded it and watched it, and I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been. No more trollsubs from Commie or gg. I absolutely love how accurate and literal your translations are. Just deleted all the episodes I had and replaced them with your subbed episodes.

    Thank you for your great work and dedication! Bookmarked and will watch whatever anime you sub from now on.

  21. evefansubfan

    Hello Evetaku! I’m a fan of your subbing for this series since you also release it in xvid 480p versions. Much much thanks and I hope you keep on releasing it that way. :D

    I’ve just a question though and small follow-ups to that if you can spare time to answer. Will you have a batch release for this series eventually? Will you also be going back and reedit stuff like on epi 14 the walls are reversed and some minor typos on other episodes as well? If so, please do release it in 480p! Oh please please hear my plea.

    You guys are the best! More power!!!!

  22. marta

    hey just wanted to say im from germany and i can clearly hear them sey “sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger” WItHOUT japanese pronaunciation its sung in perfect german but no offense because i think the prey translation is better because its enough when the germans are akward when they hear it no english speaking people need to be involved in this akwardness

  23. Scout

    Excuse me..
    Any comments about Coalgirls?
    ‘coz they’re the only ones doing Shingeki BDs with ur scripts..
    Better question: will you do BDs? If not, I’ll just stick to them.

  24. Rin

    It is wonderful that you have the ddl option as a choice. thank you so much.
    I hope your team will complete the release. I’m eagerly looking forward to it. =D

  25. kokorochandesu

    When are the rest of the episodes supposed to come? please don’t give up on this project. 23 24 25 and ova.

  26. DojoDojo

    As far as I can tell, there are only 25 episodes of this series. The ending seemed to leave many open-ended questions, almost as if there would be more installments. Does anybody know if this is a possibility?

  27. kokorochandesu

    I know there are only 25 episodes, i meant that they only uploaded 22 episodes in here, and i’m waiting for the other 3 to be uploaded, so where are they?

  28. Seli

    Why don’t you guys have the ddl links for eps 23, 24 and 25 here when you have already done it?
    It’s making people people think you guys did not complete the series where in fact you did the last ep quickly.

  29. Travel

    Impressive overcome! I will beginner simultaneously while you fix your site, just how may i actually sign up to for your weblog web page? Your consideration helped us a correct bargain. I became small bit comfortable of your your broadcast offered amazing see-through plan

  30. Nyu-Chan

    I was wondering if you’ll do the subs for episode 23-24-25 of attack on titan?
    Thank you!

  31. iMark

    Hello, why aren’t you finishing the Episodes 23,24,25? I want to get it so I can watch Shingeki. Please!! T_T

    1. twinkle

      If this isn’t a joke, it’s just that nobody updates these project pages anymore for whatever reasons. Episodes 23-25 were released last September.

      Check the individual episode release posts elsewhere on the blog, search for the torrents on nyaa or elsewhere, or try the IRC channel’s XDCC bot.

    2. Senna

      Our apologies for the lack of updates on this page! Thanks for bringing it to our attention =)
      The torrent links should now be visible here. Regrettably we never got around to finishing the direct downloads for the final three episodes, so I hope torrenting isn’t an inconvenience for you.
      Do enjoy the conclusion of the series, and thank you for visiting!

  32. Linard

    Is there anyway to download the episodes? All the links are dead or are torrents with a download rate of like 5KB/s =C

    1. twinkle

      I get the feeling that the releases are on [XDCC]Fumino (an IRC bot usually in the #evetaku channel on rizon), but it appears to be down now. Maybe you could check it later. Usually you can grab old releases from groups via XDCC on IRC. There are many tutorials if you don’t know how.

      If you were just looking for a release with our translation, Coalgirls recently released BDs for the show using our scripts (edited, don’t know by how much). However, kfx is stripped out, and I haven’t seen the release and thus can’t confirm if it is handled properly—not that I’d assume anything bad. I can confirm that the TV broadcasts, which were the basis of our release videos, had poor quality in most action scenes, and any BD release should look and sound better than those TV broadcasts.

  33. anime.concerns

    Textual translation, and no attempt to understand what the characters try to say, and then “translate” in his own words. I really like this REAL translation, Kyojin = Giant, FUCK TITANS. By Otakus for Otakus.

  34. AH

    AH sorry but Coalgirls site got BD with subs also fansub is evetake isn’t it. why there’s no BD on this main site

    1. Senna

      Hi Serhat,

      I’m glad you enjoyed our subs for the first season.

      Our teams have mostly moved on to other pursuits, so we won’t be able to sub the second season.

      However, may I suggest you check out the good folks at They are picking up the second season and have put out many great subs up to and including now.

      Again, thank you for your appreciation of our first season’s subs, and hope you enjoy the second season no matter whose subs you go with!



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