Status Complete
Eveyuu (with Hiryuu)
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 12 + 3
Genres Romance, Supernatural, Not-Korean Zombies
Release Format 720p h264 10bit/8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

36 thoughts on “Sankarea

      1. Manoah

        seems SOMEONE forgot to meiontn this being left out:7:08 > Because we wished to remember what happend that day gee, this is why you don’t want to sub at 3 AM in the morning, lol. then again, i don’t know what timezones you people live in so

  1. Calintz

    Are you guys doing the BD’s for this show?

    Sorry for asking the same question for two different shows.

  2. Ramo

    hi guys . thanks again for this show … i have a question , are you guys up to doing episode 2 of sankarea ova ?

  3. Lupta

    umm will you guys be subbing the extra 13th episode of Sankarea, because its already out with foreign subs, plz do watching it without knowing japanese is kinda lame >.>

  4. SweetAction

    I dont understand. Episode 13 is missing and episode 14 doesn’t seem to follow episode 12. Do they not explain the cliff hanger from episode 12? does 13 not exist? Im dying to know, and this is the only sub group i know of that has done anything with this anime. How do i find ep 13?

    1. lygerzero0zero

      You won’t get an answer to the cliffhanger exactly, but we’re working on episode 13. Apologies, we didn’t realize we overlooked it until we were about to release 14.

  5. Calintz

    Could you guys re-seed the 720p 8-bit versions of Eps.1-12, or possibly make a batch?

    The torrents don’t have any seeders and the DDL’s are missing the files or they don’t exist anymore.


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