Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Status Completed
Aho-Taku (with Ahodomo)
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 24
Genres Slice of Life, Autistic Romance
Release Format 720p h264 10bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

32 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

  1. Axiom

    Episode 19 where? D:

    Just kidding, keep up the good work! Some sort of official announcement *would* be nice if it’s going to be days late.

    Srsrly though, episode 19 where? D:

      1. lygerzero0zero

        It’s not dropped, puddi is just trolling.

        Translator went MIA and the rest of us were just busy with life and other projects. Might end up being a dual release with episode 20.

  2. MidnightCorutin

    Ep Xvid 1-3 need to be seeded >_> I’ve been trying to download them for 4 days :P
    Would be nice to have ep 3 finish instead of being a turd and staying 99.5% and the others are slowly making their way to the finish line, 4-20 downloaded within the day which kind of makes me angry -.-

  3. MidnightCorutin

    Thanks for that ;D
    Can finally watch the anime without having to know if i missed anything or not <3

  4. Zeraph

    You think deleting something will keep me quiet.
    See and try to fix your mistakes rather than hiding them.

    1. lygerzero0zero

      We’re generally open to people pointing out mistakes. If you put too many links in your post, it might have gotten caught by the spam filter accidentally. We get hundreds of spam comments, so it’s impossible for us to check them all to see if real comments were caught. Try reposting it and I can check the spam filter.

    2. puddi Post author

      If you know the date/name/email you posted the comment under, then I can look through and see if got caught in the spam filter.

  5. Zeraph

    ..I went blank and seemed to have posted the message that this one is referring to in another board…
    Sorry folks.

  6. Bubble

    Please! Do not drop Sakurasou! There are only 2 episodes left :( Me and my friends are checking almost everyday for the release. We appreciate your time, and we’ll try to be patient.

    1. yepperoni

      I’m not aware of any OVA coming out for this series… Is there a special that’s gonna be bundled on the BDs or something? Do you have a link with more info?

        1. escro

          The special is actually a live talk show of some sort featuring the voice actors from the show doing various things on stage.

          I haven’t watched it yet; I only downloaded it to make sure it wasn’t an ova, but from a quick look, I don’t think I’ll be translating it.

          If an ova does come out though, I’ll most likely translate it. No promises though :P

          1. Cabasho

            oh…. i see…. anidb should have a note to know when it is a proper anime ova/special and when it is a interview or RL stuffs =/

            sorry for the confusion

  7. FallenSiren

    Could someone help seed the 720p version from episodes 14-24? Thank you for the hard work!

    I noticed that some anime aren’t on the pack list. :/

    1. yepperoni

      Hi! One of the bots has been having problems lately and some of the files went missing. I’ll see if I can get them back on the bot again.

        1. FallenSiren

          Lol all the packs for the 720p version are locked though. I guess I’ll just wait for you to finish uploading them. :)

          1. yepperoni

            Yeah, sorry it’s taking so long. We’re trying to recover some files. I actually have no idea how long this will take.

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