Status Completed
Aho-Taku (with Ahodomo)
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 12
Genres Sports, Comedy, Harem, Lolisssss
Release Format 720p h264 8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

20 thoughts on “Ro-Kyu-Bu!

    1. lygerzero0zero

      I don’t think anybody on staff has the files anymore, actually. This was an old and disorganized project.

  1. Metal Monkey

    Well.. this sucks. I stalled on this a while back and went to try to rewatch/finish it, and i cant find the files for this release anywhere. The torrents are all totally dead, and none of your bots have it on IRC. I checked over on Ahodomo as well but that groups pretty much dead it seems.

    Isn’t there anywhere I can get these files? I liked this translation way better than Hiryuus. I REALLY dont want to get the crappy Bloatgirls release =(

    BTW was there ever another release of ep 01? I have V2 but the text is still a different font/color than the rest of the series

    1. lygerzero0zero

      We were highly disorganized (well, more so than we are now) when we subbed Ro-Kyu-Bu. As a result, I don’t think anyone in EveTaku or Ahodomo has the files anymore. Sorry.

      1. sinkingmist

        I still have them…
        My internet situation isn’t such that I can seed it or anything, but I could batch extract the .ass and upload it somewhere, if you want.

        1. lygerzero0zero

          If you could upload them to the ftp I could put them on Botan and get them seeding.

          Of course if you can’t spare the upload bandwidth, I understand, but…

          1. sinkingmist

            lol, looking at the ftp reminded me I had that Lucky Star thing to do.
            2% progress since December 2011, woohoo.

            I put the .ass up on ftp.
            Will have to wait and see at the end of the month if I have enough monthly upload/download left to upload the entire mkv’s.

          2. innocenat

            Will the ass script be uploaded somewhere? I can just have the script and retimed it to other sources myself.

  2. Metal Monkey

    Sorry, ive been gone for several weeks. The fan died on my computer and the replacment i ordered came in damaged, had to wait a while for the replacment >_<.

    So whats the status with this, is there anywhere i can get them? I have some of the earlier epps but not sure if theyre the final ones. Was there ever a version of Ep01 released that had the font matching the later epps?

    I dont really know what the .ass script does. I think it just lets you edit the subs and the like but you would still need the actual files. The post over on ahodomo's site wasn't updated the entire time ive been gone so i dont know if they're putting it up. Do you guys got it anywhere yet? I really wanna get to watching this series, heh i've been offline for almost a month now

  3. Leona

    Is this page still alive? I have all the episodes besides one and five. If someone has them, hit me up on IRC. I’ll be lurking in #evetaku. Maybe we can set up a batch afterwards.


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