Pokémon the Origin

Status Completed
Type OVA Series
Number of Episodes 4
Release Format 720p h264 10bit mkv, 480p mp4

Episode 720p 10 480p mp4
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6 thoughts on “Pokémon the Origin

  1. HxM

    What about the Blu-ray release for Pocket Monster: The Origin? Are you still planning to release the episodes in Blu-ray? I hope someone will kindly answer.

    1. Senna

      I’m afraid the original Pokemon: the Origin team has since dispersed and lost interest in further work for this series. The Blu-Rays might have been done had we acquired BD raws earlier, but as it stands, please consider these releases as final.
      Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the 720p versions, and perhaps you can fill your Pokemon cravings by looking up and forward to the remakes of the Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon games. Thank you for visiting!

      1. Neibs

        No way in hell are these releases final. I’m still waiting on those BDs, and I did not trouble myself with fixing those scripts for nothing.

  2. Helpalu

    Please release the BD 1080p version along with the various language tracks you promised. And you could also include the English audio.


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