Oreimo S2

Status Completed
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 13+3 (13/13 + 3/3)
Genres It’s S2, What else do you want
Release Format 720p h264 10bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

19 thoughts on “Oreimo S2

  1. Jell

    Oooops sorry. I forgot to mention the episode. Episode 4 torrent link is unavailable and I experienced downloading issues using DDL

  2. Spartacus at Otakon

    I’ve seen the remaining episodes. All three of them. I’m warning all of you now, be ready. Nevermind, I don’t think you CAN be. I have seen the ending. I wasn’t ready.

  3. suomynona

    Was wondering if you guys will release the new ep (ep14) that came out just now?

    Other groups did it already but I do not like to watch horribly subbed ones, I prefer to wait your releases. So I’ll just wait for you guys :3


    *Evil Laugh* I knew that was going to happen on episode 14. HEHEHE. Was expecting that route to occur. Nice going there Kyosuke.


    haaaah. What a perfect end at episode 16. Shame its the end, but still I really loved this Anime. * Thumbs Up * to the creators. ^_^

  6. gwyllgi

    not sure if it’s worth asking anymore as I never get an reply :-( but is there any chance of getting a batch release???…..

  7. Suzaku of Live-eviL

    Update your releases on your webpage plz T_T!
    here I was waiting quietly for #16 only to find that it was already out, but you had not posted the links to it yet…


    Its not nice to make a catgirl cry!! T_T


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