Status Ongoing
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 20
Genres Romcom, SHAFT,
harem, funnyfaces
did I mention Romcom?
main girl is totally aikatsu girl
just look at her
Release Format 720p h264 10bit mkv, 480p mp4


Episode 720p 10 480p mp4
1 torrent torrent
2 torrent torrent
3 torrent torrent
4 torrent torrent
5 torrent torrent
6 torrent good one!
7 torrent what’s a kage
8 torrent no seriously
9 torrent i think he died
10 torrent drinking game!
11 torrent he ded?
12 torrent probs
13 torrent double
14 torrent release?
15 torrent sigh
16 torrent stinx
17 torrent reekz
18 torrent leeks
19 torrent freaks
20 torrent sneaks

6 thoughts on “Nisekoi

  1. Tigeraptor

    I really appreciate the fact that you’re subbing Nisekoi, but, why is it so slow? It’s been weeks since Nisekoi finished airing. I was anticipating releases from you because your subs are what i call “Top-Notch” Their funny and accurate. Now i know it must be hard subbing but the wait is intolerable. A reply would be much appreciated.

    1. twinkle

      In general, because certain people are busy with real life or have other interests. Once you get off schedule because of greater priorities like work or school, it’s difficult to get people back on schedule if they’re not particularly interested in continuing. There’s even less motivation for someone that’s not currently the bottleneck holding up the most recent release, which results in different people at different times taking turns being the bottleneck.

      For ep 16, I have no idea what happened with the QC, but that’s where it’s at. Eps 17-18 have been in progress for a long time and need various amounts of work. Eps 19-20 are untouched, unfortunately. I think we’ll all be rather cross if we don’t finish by the end of the season (June), so hopefully it’ll all be done by then.

      Sorry for the long waits, anyhow. I wish we were more consistent, but we aren’t. Maybe think of it this way: people tend to do worse jobs when stressed or rushed.

      1. Tigeraptor

        Thank you so much for your reply and status update ;) Having fully understood the situation of the subbers, i can wait again :D Having said that, i kinda feel bad now because of my rude comment and the fact you took your time in order to reply. (I just realized that) I apologize. If there’s any compensation, i made a small thank you message to EveTaku and the staff;

        “Thank you EveTaku for your wonderful subs! I really like the way your subs are styled and translated. And also, the openings.. them Karaoke style subs.. It’s really awesome, thumbs up for those! I hope to see more releases from you in the near future. EveTaku is still my number one sub, I always recommend my friends EveTaku subs when possible. Wish you all the best of luck!”

  2. coastroller

    Hey. Just a wonder. Every time I come up to the karaoke scenes (opening/ending songs) of Nisekoi, it suddenly freezes, but continues to play the audio as a loop. Any recommendations on how to fix this?

    P.S. Skipping ahead in the video doesn’t count. -_-
    I really want to watch this anime. :'(


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