La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Status Complete
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 12
Genres Italian Mafia, Otome Game, Romance
Release Format 720p h264 8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi




17 thoughts on “La storia della Arcana Famiglia

  1. ayakumiku

    When will be the XViD be released? I’m waiting for it to download and finally watch. Q~Q

  2. Mimiko

    where is episode 1 XViD Download link??? o.o
    the anime is so tempting and i really wanna watch it

      1. Mimiko

        thanks, jumbofiles doesnt usually work for me, but i used the file name to find it on another download site. ^^
        so in the end its all good :3

  3. Kari

    just curious, what’s the holdup on this series? wiki informs me that it finished over a month ago with 12 episodes to its name. :

    busy with homework or regular work or something?

  4. FallenSiren

    Seems like the DDL link for the Xvid version of Episode 11 is missing. I couldn’t find it on the bots either. Could someone help seed the torrent for me. Thanks a bunch~


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