Acchi Kocchi

Status Completed
(as part of Tsumiki)
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 12
Genres Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Release Format 720p h264 10bit/8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

10 thoughts on “Acchi Kocchi

  1. choco

    wow thats good news guys ^_^

    I am very glad you’re didn ‘t drop this project
    thx for the reply and for the good news. ^^

  2. Calintz

    You guys have probably had this question before, so I apologize for the annoyance. Are you guys planning on doing the BD’s for this show?

  3. CavemanOhYea

    Just wondering if it would be possible for there to be a batch of this, Since most of the single torrents for 720p 10 no longer have seeders.


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