Status Completed
Type TV Series
Number of Episodes 12
Genres Slice of Life, School, Comedy, Seinen
Release Format 720p h264 8bit mkv, 480p XViD avi

Notice: +A-Channel can be found at the ovas page.

Episode 720p 480p XviD
01-06 torrent torrent
07-12 torrent torrent

10 thoughts on “A-Channel

    1. lygerzero0zero

      Most of it’s encoded, so far as I know. If the server is back online before Thanksgiving weekend, then I’ll spend the long weekend QCing A-Channel and we’ll get those BDs out.

  1. T

    Some people still wait to see Tooru in 1080p. BTW, are you going to release other lolis in BDrip as well or do I have to go through all the trouble of re-timing your subs myself?


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