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MP4 Back Log: The Ongoing Post

I’ll be adding mp4s from everything that hasn’t been completed. I’ll update it as I get more done. If there are missing standard definition encodes that are NOT from the previous season, or this season, post in the comments and I’ll try and get on them as well.

I will go back and slowly add them to the original posts as well, but check here first.

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Coppelion 12 Release

Say what you will about this anime, but it has its moments.

The finale is still in the works. I’m done TL’ing, but that’s about all the work that’s been done on it. Nisekoi has aired and I haven’t TL’d that, so please be patient.  (We do, however, have an enthusiastic TS, so for a SHAFT show, that’s pretty good)

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In Preparation for Coppelion 05 -UPDATE 11/6-

For that one person who still actually watches our subs for Coppelion: first, if you’re a girl, you’re so M that my boyfriend would probably like your number and a recent photo of you.

Second, I’m on fall break so I’ll be on a plane tonight. I might be able to translate on the plane (\o/), but no guarantees. If I manage to translate on the plane, the episode should be out Sunday latest. If not, I apologise.

Fingers crossed, and see you on the other side (it is Hallowe’en, after all).

UPDATE 11/06

My laptop broke over Fall Break so I have this nasty Barney-esque screen no matter what I’m doing. I have about six episodes minutes (! Wow I was sleepy) left to translate, but there are many signs that lyger will have to do when he TLCs — and I think he’s doing it over the weekend.

Thanks for your support; I really appreciate it.


since no one actually follows us/replies to anything i ask on twitter,

do you want another track with the japanese terms in pokemon? like dex -> zukan, pokemon names, people names, place names, etc. and in that case do you want honorifics?

default will still be what we used though.

Update on Shingeki

Rekyu is on vacation so don’t expect anything from us soon.

No, I don’t know an ETA.
Yes, I know where he went, somewhere near North Korea probably.
No, I don’t know what we are doing next season since nobody tells me anything aside of “Time this you slave”.

-Update update by Rekyu-
I’m about 1/4 of the way into the episode so far, but expect the release by tomorrow before midnight.
TL’s done.
Apologies to those who were traumatized by the delay my vacation has caused ^^;

“Time this you slave.”