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Nisekoi 06 Update

I’M SO SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN SO LONG.  Apparently it is a sin to enjoy Valentine’s day, and the man upstairs is punishing me.

So at this stage Nisekoi 06 has been timed and we’re struggling with the TS (like, badly struggling.  Like, up in shit creek without a paddle kind of struggling).  I’m planning to release a v0 before the end of the week.

As for Nisekoi 07, our encoder is also a little shaky with many, many commitments so that hasn’t even been TL’d yet, although it’s very TS-light, so once that gets going we should be releasing that fairly quickly.

Sorry sorry sorry!

A quick update

I’m sure everyone who watches our Tamayura release (all three of you) are wondering why it’s so late. Well, I’m currently in the library, typing awkwardly on this Japanese-layout keyboard on this computer that only has Internet Explorer and doesn’t allow me to connect my flash drive. In other words, I’m smack dab in the middle of rural Japan.

I don’t currently have internet at my apartment, though once I get my phone working I can tether my laptop to my phone and get crappy internet for a while that way. I said at the start of the season that as long as I have stable internet, Tamayura will never be more than a week delayed, and I plan to keep that word. Unfortunately, I don’t have stable internet at the moment, and what’s more the school I’m working for is sending me to a summer camp from Wednesday to Friday.

tl;dr — it will be done when it’s done.

Oh yeah, I managed to drop by Akihabara while I was still in Tokyo. Also, summer fireworks festivals are amazing.

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Delayed

Just letting you guys know that Oreimo will be delayed this week, so don’t expect a release from us tomorrow. lyger’s going to some con on Saturday and possibly Sunday, so the TL won’t be done till he gets back. I’m busy with midterms, but I’ll try to not hold stuff up when it gets to me. I’m not going to promise anything, but the episode should be out by Tuesday at the latest.

Nev update: Oreimo almost done, should be out tomorrow (Monday). Also, puddi would like to inform you that Henneko is Rekyun’s fault now.

lyger edit: So the con I was at was AnimeNEXT, in New Jersey. If any of you strange internet people were also at AnimeNEXT and happened to attend the “Anime Name That Tune” panel, you may have seen me, as I was a contestant in the last round.

I’ll be wearing a badass Eevee prism t-shirt tomorrow if you want to stalk me.

lunr hi-jack – moe giants is obviously delayed.

A random Jeffrey-sama passing by: Hi.

Random updates

Shingeki 01: Rekyu is being a vegetable and not translating, even though he was the one who insisted we pick up the show in the first place. Released. Rekyu’s still a vegetable, though.

Sakurasou 24: Not started. escro’s absence has kind of set things back. When I have time this week, I’ll get on it.

AKB0048 Blu-ray volume 5: The episodes themselves are QCed and ready to go (ty Fyurie~). All that’s left is the special feature… which is going to take a while. Finishing Sakurasou is higher priority at the moment.

Week 1 of vacation from fansubbing ended up not being much of a vacation at all.