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Hey, let’s talk Takkoku (Does anybody even care about this anymore)

So if you’ll notice, we haven’t had a release in a long while now, mostly due to Holey (Who did the typesetting) arbitrarily vanishing/forgetting to order people around/everybody focusing too much on subbing in general.

Now, I dunno about you guys, but I like Takkoku.  So last night I decided that I was going to take this project and drag it by the balls until we reached the finish line, as long as I got translations, because fuck if I know Japanese.  Luckily I have Lyger for that <3 (Or so he says)

Anyways, once I get on track with this and learn how to typeset (Or Holey decides he wants to do this again), I plan on putting out chapters as quickly as I can.  Quality is probably going to take a hit, because I’m teaching myself how to typeset by using a tutorial and I don’t really have much, if anything, to go on there, but I’m going to get this shit out in a reasonably readable (As best as I can do with my inexperience) and quick (Not accounting for the drop off in releases <_<) manner until real life inevitably gets in the way with final exams in the next couple weeks.  Luckily after that is winter break so I should have some time there.  Consider it my Christmas gift to you guys.

Takkoku!!! Chapter 23 Released!

Shut up. I know we’re horribly late.

Well regardless of whether or not we’re late (which we are, I know, shut up), here it is. Enjoy~

Oh, and we’re probably going to sub A Channel, which is airing in a day or two. No, this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop releasing manga. After all, scanlating manga is much easier anyways orz.


Takkoku!!! Chapter 22 Released!

This was delayed because lack of more than one translator. ;_;

Here. Enjoy your biweekly dose of Takkoku.

This would be weekly. If, you know. We had another translator. Kinda get my point?

In other news, we have a new typesetter on the team, robthebin, who helped me save a good 3 hours worth of time typesetting this. Now with two typesetters, releases should be generally faster.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t freakin’ slept for 36 hours and I’d like to do so now.

By the way, XDCC’s up.

DDL || Torrent coming soon

EDIT: You know what, from now on no more torrents for manga. I mean, it’s just manga. Nothing more than a few megabytes. Unless you guys really want them, but I won’t be doing it from now on unless there’s some demand for it.