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iDOLM@STER Break! Chapter 6 & 7 Released!

This is to make up for the lost time, so we went ahead and did a double release (thanks again, lyger, for working on this!)

One thing I’d like to point out is that Chapter 6 was fully typsetted by our new typesetter, robthebin. He did a great job too. This double release was possible today because of him.

So yeah, I know I said there would be another manga thing this week, but it was my fault for misunderstanding. You know what, I might as well just say it now anyways.

We’re joining up with Blahmanga to scanlate another ping pong manga, called Rubbers Seven. Yes, we are using their XDCC bot, for those of you who’ve went into the IRC a few times. I misread a conversation and thought we were going to be ready to release it this week, but unfortunately I was wrong. Sorry, but at least you guys get a double dose of Chihaya~

Also, the guy in the comment from last time: Kongoh Banchou won’t be until we catch up to either series we’re doing right now and can’t find any more existing RAWs. Sorry :<

And major major thanks to Oscar Lee for donating a hefty sum of $20 to us. We’ll be good for another two years thanks to you!

Anyways, enjoy. Baka to Test Episode 2 is next week…orz.

Chapter 6: DDL
Chapter 7: DDL

iDOLM@STER Break! Chapter 3 Release!

Holeymeister here, bringing you the latest chapter of iDOLM@STER Break!

So, we’ll continue doing this, and we’re looking to picking up Kongoh Banchou next (most likely). Don’t expect it anytime too soon, since we have our hands full with two mangas and two VN projects.

Again, we’re still looking for translators. And a typesetter, if possible.

Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy this chapter.

EDIT: Sorry for those who downloaded it already, but it seems there was a bubble missing on page 4. It’s fixed now, and the link is updated.

DDL (Updated) || Torrent (Updated)