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Hoshizora no Memoria Cirno Patch out (and updated review)!

Anyway, I’m happy to announce the release of this partial patch, the aptly-named Cirno Patch. This patch translates the first ⑨⑨⑨⑨ lines of the game, which covers the first half of the common route, and approximately 20% of the game overall. This joint-product of Staircase Subs and EveTaku spanned three full months of QC’ing and about three months more of translation. We hope you enjoy this release.

The patch can be found on Staircase Subs’ blog, or here. Credit obviously goes to them for the translation and hacking, and to myself and the rest of EveTaku’s staff for editing. Special thanks also goes to the people that frequent a certain other blog‘s IRC, for lending a helping hand in my poor attempt at TLC’ing as well.

I’ve commented on the game before, based on the prologue, here. Obviously, my outlook on the game has expanded since then, and for the better, IMO. Without spoiling too much, following the prologue, the game does continue its trend of taking silly scenes and using them as daily occurrences for its basis for humor. This was apparent in the prologue alone; for example, with Chinami’s constant interruptions. But while some people might get annoyed or tired with the repetition, the game does throw in some variety with the game’s increasingly interesting characters, both minor and major, and the scenes they offer (YMMV, of course). Also, as for myself, said repetition of scenes made QC’ing the scripts for consistency that much more important. Just saying. I attribute that for the reason why it took me so long for me to do my second revision, let alone my first one. >_>

But back to the game and its characters. Again, I’ve gone over them before in the prologue post, but I was surprised to see just how much my opinion of them improved. The main character, You, is actually a pretty damn good protagonist, for much of what he does, and what he comes to terms with. To me, there isn’t really a dull moment in how he takes these repetitive moments in stride, as well as his methods of handling unforeseen events. And possibly one of his best traits is that, what flaws he does have (or did have in the past), he not only recognizes, but he makes an active effort to improve himself over the course of each day (most of this revolves around his “breaking away” from his identity as a nerd with no friends, and trying to be an amiable, sociable guy instead). That’s not an accomplishment that many VN protagonists can boast, so the guy definitely deserves credit for it.

Likewise, the other characters also got to grow on me as the game went on, particularly for the ones I didn’t like/care for *coughIsuzucoughKomomocough*. It becomes especially apparent when they interact with each other, as with Asuho and Chinami, or Chinami and Suzuha. Even people who didn’t like Chinami, in the prologue or otherwise, might be happy to hear that, while she gets less screentime due to being in a different class from her onii-chan, the screentime that she does have is better spent by bringing other characters in all the fun.

So, with that, I hope you guys enjoy the game as much as I’ve enjoyed it so far. There’s all this and more to look forward to once you’ve install the patch.

Btw, I’m open to any constructive criticism on my editing. Since this is the first time I’ve ever done this, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into, but I felt that it was a good experience for myself, and a good investment for everyone else’s enjoyment of the game as well. Of course, the script isn’t perfect as I’d like it, but as our protagonist proves, recognizing that you have room to improve and making an effort to do so makes you a better character.

(Okay, I admit, that was lame. Plus, this doesn’t help my real life situation or my job as the main blogger at all given how, in the end, I’m still a damn slacker.) >_>

So I’m due for an update.

Been busy after picking up Record of Agarest War and Deathsmiles for the 360, and trying to balance those with QC’ing Hoshimemo and other things. Since I’m back in college, I don’t have access to my 360 anymore, which means I can put more focus into Hoshimemo, anime, VNs, and MMOs… At least, when I’m not fucking swamped with shitty comp sci homework, on the first fucking day of class. But I digress.

So, since Holey has finals this week, there won’t be any releases until Friday. Thought I should give you a heads-up for that. What else is going on? Well…

-QC on the first common script (or first half of the prologue): First draft was done and sent in, but we ran into a few problems with encoding and whatnot. Should be taken care of over the next few days/week.
-QC on the second common script: Currently 40%, or 600/1568 done.

-Mahou Shoujo/Puella Magi Madoka Magica is best tier, if only for Mami (totally not being biased for Kaori Mizuhashi). Unlimited Musket Works and catching a fucking teacup from god-knows-where after blowing up your enemy with a BMG is awesome.
-Also saw the first episodes of Rio: Rainbow Gate, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, and Dragon Crisis!. Rio was lolwut (but dat loli), Zombie was pretty awesome (but too many people acting like Ayumu is the first magical crossdresser in existence; see Prism Magical: Prism Generations!’ OVA for another recent example), and Dragon Crisis! was dat Kugiloli + Toradora vibes.
-Fractale and Onii-chan no Koto are still on my backlog, as are the second episodes of the above. Oh, and I’m following Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani. Short-ass show or not, it’s still a humorous two-minute watch. And then I’m still looking forward to T.P. Sakura.
-From last season, still need to finish up Amagami and Yosuga. I’ve made zero progress on those since before the holidays… shitsux.
-For older anime, I finished Macross Frontier’s TV series just before 2010 ended, and I’ve been working on Tears to Tiara next. Currently on episode 21. Good stuff. Also finishing up S1 of Koihime Musou, on episode 9. Speaking of which, MG’s release of the VN got delayed to 2/28. Nobody cares about Guilty (no offense to MG devs).
-After a two-year hiatus and four years of subbing overall, the first season of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch finally finished subbing. I still need to watch the last episode, but it’s bittersweet to see one of my favorite mahou shoujo (or perhaps, favorite overall) series come to an end… the first season, of course. There’s still a 39-episode second season… God knows how long that’ll take to finish subbing.

-Like I mentioned earlier, been playing Record of Agarest War and Deathsmiles.
-For Agarest, I didn’t get very far (due to hard modo and having an OCD with overkilling everything), but it’s alright. Game starts out slow at first due to lack of characters and therefore lack of movement/strategy, but once you get more characters/abilities, things improve. As far as characters go, Ellis is damn cute, but not weddable for the first gen… and she grows up anyway. Still, she’s voiced by Kana Ueda, which makes her awesome. For this first playthrough, I’ll probably marry Luana in the first gen.
-Deathsmiles, for those who don’t know, is a remarkably short CAVE shmup. I’ve beaten the game at least twice with each character to see their alternate ends (save for Sakura, haven’t played MBL yet). If I were to rank the sisters, it’d be Rosa > Windia > Casper > Follett. I’ve gotten close to but have not yet managed a 1’cc. I’ll need a bit more practice.
-Reminder to self: Pick up Ghost Trick.
-Arcana Heart 3 also came out in Japan, looking forward to Aksys Games picking it up. Yes, I am expecting them to pick it up. For the record, Lilica is my main, though I also use Heart, Maori, Lieselotte (though I suck with her), and Fiona in the first game, and Petra (laggy character is laaaaggy) and Catherine in the second game. Thinking of trying out more characters in this third installment, like Akane, Nazuna, and Angellia in the second game, and the newcomers in this game, Eko and that redhead’s name I can never spell… Scharlachrot.

-I have too many VNs on my backlog. The ones with the highest priority (besides Hoshimemo, of course) are Da Capo II, Kira Kira, and Soul Link. A little further down the list is Remember11, Symphonic Rain, and Sharin no Kuni. Beyond that, probably the SonoHana games. I also have non-translated VNs sitting on my laptop for the hell of it, namely D.C.D.X. ~Da Capo Dream Christmas~ (not enough Alice/Izumiko), Happiness!/Happiness! Relucks (Sumomo > Jun), and some others.

And I think I’m spent.

… I thought I didn’t have anything to blog about, so I refrained from doing so and procrastinated. I guess I proved myself wrong somewhat, but it’s typically in my behavior to work in sporadic bursts, not in consistent frequency. Still, naggy Holey is naggy. :P

Official Partnership with Staircase Fansubs!!

EveTaku and Staircase Fansubs are now officially working together to bring you a translation of Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-.

So far, three staff members from EveTaku are helping out with QC’ing (proofreading) the translated scripts, so we can bring the best quality translation to you. This joint partnership will aid in speeding up the overall progress, so that we can bring this out to you guys faster.

Our blogger, Eab, will keep you guys up to date on the latest progress on the HoshiMemo translation, so check back often to for news.

For the prologue patch download, link is here.

Thanks to Insemination for translating this visual novel. Many thanks, really.

Hoshizora no Memoria prologue patch!

What better way to spend New Year’s than a SoL romance moege, of which the prologue takes place on Tanabata? Here’s Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-

Okay, shut up, that’s how I spent my whole day. I’ve been looking forward to this, after all. Or was, anyway, before being fairly annoyed by the patch.

The TL staff thought it would be fun to troll their release though, so use this to patch the game instead (just copy the files in the folder to your directory).

Since this is a prologue, it only covers the first three days of the game, from July 5th to July 7th, Tanabata night. So, the rest of this post will be dedicated to a preview of what it had to offer.

You play as You Kogasaka (his name is You, pronounced “yoh”), who is returning to his hometown after seven years hoping to reunite with his childhood friend. Sounds like a very familiar premise, I know, but there is a strong theme of stars/constellations with the romance element, and the characters have their humorous and cute exchanges. Besides the constantly repeating scenes of You moving in and unpacking in his aunt Shino’s house, only for his lovably annoying imouto Chinami to come in and be a burden, much of the prologue has You on a one-track-mind to meet with the girl of the past. Each night, he visits his favorite spot, a lookout observational tower that provides a great view of the stars above the town’s sky, expecting to meet the girl, but instead coming across a girl similar to her looks but still the same age as the past. This girl is Mare, a girl who claims to be a shinigami of nightmares. She’s integral to the plot somehow, but hell if I know how (well, maybe I have SOME idea, but I obviously won’t spoil it here).

Over the course of these three days, as You and Chinami get accustomed to their hometown once again, they come across other characters which serve as the game’s other heroines. One person is their neighbor, Isuzu, a cold, unfeeling girl who Chinami wants to befriend. You also meets three people of the same grade: Asuho, who appears to be the game’s cover girl, has a similar fascination with stars, and works at an astronomy-themed maid cafe called Milky Way; Komomo, a tsundere student council member who is at odds with Asuho, and Kosame, Komomo’s younger twin sister and Asuho’s fellow club member at the Tenkuru (I’m assuming the name is an amalgamation of ten = heaven and kuru = round to represent their astronomy club).

Again, the prologue is quite long, and the common route even longer, but the characters and interactions are amusing, the music is surprisingly stellar (pun very much intended), and if you ignore the rudimentary readability at times, it’s a good read. Also, the final scene of the prologue is actually pretty intense, and what follows is, of course, the kickass OP sung by one of my favorite eroge OP singers, Miyuki Hashimoto.

Speaking of which, since the TL staff also deleted their subbed version of the OP, here it is:

For more detailed reviews, see the following links. Micchi and Reikon can summarize the characters and plot far more succinctly than I can, anyway.

And a bonus, since it’s New Year’s, after all. The CGs to this game, and its fandisk, Eternal Heart. Note that both reveal the identity of the childhood friend, so spoilers, you have been warned, etc. I would ignore it for delicious Chinami/Asuho/Mare/twincest/childhood friend/etc. Fuck Isuzu. >_>

Wish Upon a Shooting Star CGs (Part 1):
Wish Upon a Shooting Star CGs (Part 2):
Eternal Heart:

So with that, happy new year.


(I do actually read comments, so it’d be polite if someone would drop me a line. =P)