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Quick update

Tamayura Movie 3 is finally, finally done being translated. I will get the typesetting and song finished as soon as I can, after which I just need to QC, QC, and QC again.

I’m really sorry it’s taken so long. Just want to emphasize again that I will finish this series.

Some updates

First off, the elephant in the room:

EveTaku is dead.

It happens.

I stopped being actively involved in the group quite a while back and others ran the label for a while. Eventually, I no longer really knew much of the staff or the workflow or the goings-on of the group I was supposed to be the leader of. Then the people keeping the group marginally alive moved on, and even if I wanted to revive the group, there’s nobody left to ask. Heck, I’m not even sure who is still paying for our webserver (which I still use for other projects). Whoever it is, you’re awesome, and honestly the site is yours to do whatever with.

I see little point in continuing the group name, when it’s just going to be different people anyway. However, there will be these exceptions:

Tamayura ~graduation photo~ (the movies) will continue under the tag Nishi-Taku for legacy purposes. I plan to finish all four movies (I just saw the second today. I was unable to procure the BD at the theater but I’ve ordered it from a seller on Yahoo Auctions and hopefully once I pay tomorrow it will be finalized) and after two seasons already under our belt, it’s just going to be confusing if the tag changes. The only staff I can guarantee will be the same is myself. I can probably get a hold of the editor again. skullking has retired from subbing, so someone else will be doing the encode. I don’t want to bother fara too much, so odds are I will do the typesetting myself, perhaps with some help from whoever else I can get ahold of.

Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 2 is planned to continue under Vivid-Taku. Translator/editor/encoder will be the same; for typesetter, trichinas has retired but so far conkerer has signed up for the role. Not sure about timer.

As for me, new projects of mine will be uploaded to my Nyaa account (or that of whoever I’m collaborating with) and I may occasionally post stuff on this blog.

Nevreen edit: I’m also going to be releasing the Oreimo S2 batch as soon as I stop being so lazy and quit stalling. Not sure how many of you will even care anymore, but I promised I’d do it, and other people have put too much work into it for me to drop it, so it’ll get done. Might pull some strings to see if I can get a BD release done with the updated scripts, but no promises for that one.