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If you really can’t wait…

KamiMemo 12’s gonna be delayed. Translation’s been done for the past four hours, but we haven’t gotten our hands on an HD raw, which will probably show up while I’m off catching Z’s. Unless you want us to release the 288p version. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

If you really can’t wait, here’s the latest version of the script, that you can play with the raw once it comes out:

No typesetting, timing is iffy in some parts, and it’s been QC’ed once each by two people. But you’ll understand the episode.

On that note, Ro-Kyu-Bu’s gonna be delayed too, since I think most of the staff is asleep already.

UPDATE: So I said if no raw was out by 4 AM I’d go to sleep. Just as I’m saying good night, at 4:01 yepperoni declares that the HD raw is out.

So maybe KamiMemo will be releasing in another hour. Then again, maybe not.

UPDATE 2: Not.