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InuBoku Live Preview

Just to gauge interest. This much has been translated for a few months now, I just haven’t found the time/motivation to do more.

If y’all want more, do speak up so I know. It’s a great event and it only gets funnier, but it’s quite a lot of effort to translate, and it’s quite long.

Also no typesetting because dae is still MIA.

InuBoku Batch Coming For Real But First…

And the patches are released. See post above.

Well, it’s settled. Final versions for episodes 01-06 are named “v3”, and for those who already patched to the v2’s we’ll include a v2->v3 patch as well.

dae caught me at the last minute and said he wanted to clean up the typesetting in episode 4 just a bit more, so the batch will have to wait till he can do that. Everything else is ready, though.

Inu x Boku Localization Notes 4 (References and Humor)

Spoilers? What spoilers? Click for source.

Currently getting back into the mindset of A-Channel (has it really been nine months?) and being overloaded with all the crap I need to get done this weekend, but in the meantime I figured I should get this up before I forget all the stuff I wanted to talk about.

Oh yeah, before you ask, AnoNatsu tonight. Tormaid is finishing the encode.

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