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Houkago no Pleiades Episode 4 English Subbed (UPDATED: V2 OUT)

Final episode here.

So that’s it. All four episodes. We’ll release a V2 tomorrow with ED karaoke and whatnot for you karaoke-obsessed bastards. We’re both tired as fuck from working on this + everything else we had, so we’re taking a rest.

Anyways, download links.

UPDATE: V2 of the episode is out. Fixed a single minor error and added karaoke. We’re dumb so we don’t know how to create a patch, so we’re going to make you eat up your bandwidth again.

UPDATE 2: Some kind anonymous poster posted the v1 -> v2 patch for us. Thank you for that.

V2 Patch
DDL (V2) || Torrent (V2)