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Coppelion 13 (END)


Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street #NotEvenEmbarrassed

Took us long enough.  Look at the incentives I had to give some people!

<lyger> cykia you promised me boobs
<lyger> oh look! boobs!

Thanks to anyone who’s still planning on watching our release. And our subs must be kind of nice (and the show kind of bad) if you were willing to wait for us.

Staff comments after the jump.

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Coppelion 12 Release

Say what you will about this anime, but it has its moments.

The finale is still in the works. I’m done TL’ing, but that’s about all the work that’s been done on it. Nisekoi has aired and I haven’t TL’d that, so please be patient.  (We do, however, have an enthusiastic TS, so for a SHAFT show, that’s pretty good)

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Coppelion 09


AYAME-BAASAN BEST GIRL.  Not even joking.

Finals (three in two days \o/) weren’t great but at least they’re over.  Can’t say the same for the rest of my staff.  Anyway, I’m in another food coma and have had a glass of sake. So damn good. <3

We’re having troubles with encoding at the moment (as in, finding somebody to encode), so further episodes will be delayed even longer. We apologise.

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Coppelion 08


Get ready for some cheesy action.

I don’t even know what to put here since it’s been two weeks since I actually worked on this episode.  Finals are fine life is fine sleep is nonexistent sorry for the delay etc., etc. Our thanks for exercising your patience.

LA was good. Nice weather. Good food. Happy Thanksgiving. All that jazz.

I’m in a food coma because my cousin just came over and cooked me chicken nom nom nom. Now I have to go back to writing my first of four papers for a take-home final. Don’t worry; Coppe 09 and 10 have been TL’d so further delays will not be my fault.

Turns out I shouldn’t release when I’m in food comas. Here’s the patch. My sincerest apologies.

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