EveTaku is a group formed of people that like to have fun work.

The group was founded in late 2010 when Holeymeister put together some people to scanlate manga and eventually recruited lygerzero0zero as a translator and Eab1990 as an editor. Our first project was Takkoku, which we picked up where previous groups had left off. After that, The Idolm@ster Break manga was added to our projects, followed by Neptunia and Stellar Theater (a joint with Lolitannia).

February 2011 marked EveTaku’s first fansubbing foray, when lyger decided to translate Houkago no Pleiades. This release was followed by the BakaTest OVAs, before eventually deciding to work on A-Channel for the Spring 2011 season. We’ve been recruiting people and working on anime ever since then – it is not insane to say that fansubbing has become the core of EveTaku.

You can visit us at #evetaku@irc.rizon.net and talk to anyone with +ao or higher regarding most general queries.

For recruitment questions, check out our recruitment page here.


NyanTaku is where Neibs does what she wants. She originally formed it because she wanted to sub Nyanpire but the rest of us didn’t feel like helping. To this day, she remains the core of NyanTaku and is involved with each of its projects. We share the site, resources, and lots of staff, but otherwise NyanTaku just does what it feels like on its own schedule and is generally uninvolved in other EveTaku projects. NyanTaku is known to delay its releases – deal with it.

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  1. Oniikun


    The Kuusou Scantrad has the wish to translate THE IDOLM@STER BREAK! by Fujima Takuya in french so we would like to know if you permit us to use your translation to do our own.

    Thank you in advance.

    Sorry for my bad english.]

  2. Andros0

    Random BTW type of thing…
    Staircase Subs shows as having been deleted (Partner link over on your sidebar)

    Just thought I’d share – feel free to delete this coment

  3. Ncf

    Hello! first of all thanks for all your work!! and i would like to ask if you guys are still working on “The Idolm@ster Break!” ?

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      We haven’t done manga in ages. I don’t know if anyone on the team is going to suddenly take interest in the iM@S manga again, but for now, no, we’re not working on it anymore. Sorry.

  4. Zareth

    I apologize if this isn’t the right place to ask this, but I don’t know where else I should do it.

    I just wanted to ask you why is it that I can’t get into your IRC channel. Apparently I’m banned from it, but I don’t know why is that. I barely have gone into it a few times, and in every of them I didn’t even say a word; just looked around.

    Or if there was actually a reason, could please tell me what is it that I might have done wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

  5. shuli

    first of all thanks for your excellnt!
    i hope this is the right place for this
    can i ask of you to kindly sub kamisama hajimemashite?
    as of now there is no subing group for this anime and the first episode wasrealesed a few days ago
    do if you can sub this anime me and a lot of non japanese speakers that are waiting for this will be very very happy
    thanks :)

  6. Calintz

    Quick question about one of your banners, what Anime are those two girls from that have skulls in the hair and look like magical shoujo’s?

  7. Calintz

    I actually have another question about your banners, I promise this is the last one.

    What anime is the girl with the green uniform with car ears blushing from? There’s a little guy next to her with a weird expression, and the background has a lot of messages.

          1. Calintz

            I realized that the messages weren’t part of any show and about the website here, but I was just wondering where the two characters are from. That’s all.

          1. Calintz

            Ok thanks.

            I knew the comments in the background were from the IRC channel, I realized that after reading some of it trying to see if her name was in it.

            Thanks again.

  8. Shabutie

    >”NyanTaku is where Neibs does what she wants. She originally formed it because she wanted to sub Nyanpire but the rest of us didn’t feel like helping. To this day she remains the one who does most of the work and makes all of the decisions.”

    >”To this day she remains the one who does most of the work and makes all of the decisions.”

    >” the one who does most of the work”


    1. Neibs

      At least when I release, I don’t usually have to go back and correct a bunch of things, Fatty FatFat McLardAss.

  9. apfelwarker

    Hey ya, could you get back to me via email? That would be great.

    Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards.

  10. xSHiina

    Do u have a facebook Page for updates so everyone can see if a new EP of an anime is out? o: If not… MAKE ONE! XDDD ur awesome

  11. Deviluke

    Hello, I am Deviluke administrator Katana Fansub a fansub Brazilian, and I wonder if I can use the scripts in Shingeki Kyojin you have used in my projects. I really appreciate your work and would be very grateful if you would allow me to.

  12. jjigoku

    i have DVD ISO of happy lesson advance but i don’t know rip dvd,
    evetaku could help me? I need raw to make sub ^^

    1. lygerzero0zero

      As this is unrelated to any of our projects, I advise you use Google or ask around on video help websites to find your answer.

      1. kira

        hi ^^ how about New Prince of Tennis Special?Can you guys do it? No other groups seems to be doing it.T____T PLSSSSS

  13. Frx

    Hi guys! I just saw your awesome work with the karaoke in Shingeki no Kyojin, so I was wondering if you could let me use the script for my Italian releases! Of course I will credit you or whatever you want.
    If you don’t want to, then it’s fine, don’t worry. I’m just asking ;3
    Thanks for your time, let me know!

    1. Frx

      Uh, nevermind. Honestly, I don’t know how could adapt it into my script XD Still, thank you and keep up the good work!
      Bye ^^

      1. Kitty - TheCatDragsInThis

        well, regardless of if you wanted to or not, you know they can’t really stop you now, right?

  14. VastoLorde96

    thank you for translating Pokemon Origins!
    A wanna ask you if you are planning to translate the XY series, too?

  15. Xirix

    I was just wondering, will you guys be doing the Shingeki no Kyojin OVAs? I consider your subs the best for that show. Also will you be picking up the second series once it possibly airs next year?

    1. twinkle

      In general, OVAs are usually contingent on content and thus translator interest. The answer for those would probably be a “no” any way you slice it.

      I have not been following news for the show or the ongoing source material, but a season two hasn’t been announced, right? I have no idea how accurate this is
      but 2016 sounds like a long way off, too early to say anything about.

      Also, it depends on who you mean by “[us] guys.” See this post:
      The translator and editor for SAO did Shingeki too and are doing SAO II now (with a couple of us here on staff too).


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