15 thoughts on “Is the Order a Rabbit?? – 11

    1. Senna

      Nope! It’s just that real life generally takes precedence, heh. Please be patient with us during this Christmas and New Years time! Episode 12 will be coming to a cafe near you soon~

    2. lygerzero0zero Post author

      Vivid’s site is down because of DMCA. Project is not dropped.

      Meanwhile, translator and editor for Rabbits are having fun in Tokyo.

      1. Senna

        I misread that as “translator and editor and rabbits are having fun in Tokyo” for a few moments XD

  1. Raz

    It’s good to see EveTaku’s not quite as dead as it seems. Keep up the good work & I look forward to more Tamayura when it’s done. :-)

  2. wefwq

    What happened to EP12?
    I seen vivid dropped entire page for this show, is it because of that DMCA claim?
    Does the EP12 never ever or still on it’s way?

    1. cocoa fans

      Me too! And I belive in them, so just be patient until Evetaku-Vivid ready to release the last episode.

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