8 thoughts on “Is the Order a Rabbit?? – 08

  1. Vcnt

    did vivid drop this show? cant open their web gochiusa link anymore :( hope you guys still continue doing this

  2. ranmachua

    Yeah, I’m pretty worried too. Vivid has never dropped a show they started subbing & this might be their first…

    1. Rhino36

      According to people on evetaku’s IRC, it’s a DMCA takedown.
      Same thing happened to doki with Idolmasters Cindarella Girls

        1. kal

          Yeah, doki still posted and did them but you had to find the links to the torrent yourself ;)
          there is also various dmca take downs for one punch man and groups are still doing them, so just keep checking nyaa I guess and hope its posted http://www.nyaa.se/?user=209076

  3. cocoa fans

    glad you guys still doing gochiusa. i really love the series. i hope fansub will alright.
    btw i will wait for 3rd tamayura movie. thanks for everything guys ;))

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