Tamayura ~graduation photo~ Part 2

[Nishi-Taku] Tamayura ~graduation photo~ Movie Part 2 [BD][720p].mkv_snapshot_28.55_[2015.10.19_23.56.04]

Not sure if that looks delicious or not… but I’d be willing to give it a shot!

Joint with Nishishi, as usual.

Translator, typesetter: lyger
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Went to the theater, found the limited edition Blu-rays sold out, and had to buy a copy off of Yahoo Auctions: lyger


Apologies it took so long this time. Between work, my other projects, and straight-up translating really, really slowly, this ended up getting pushed back and back. I do want to reiterate that we will finish these movies no matter what. I’ve been working on Tamayura since almost the start of my fansubbing career, and I plan to see it through to the end.


A little note on the conversation at 47:50. They talk about “omiai”, translated as “marriage interview”. I obfuscated the dialogue just a bit, since it wouldn’t have made sense without an explanation.

Traditionally, “omiai” was a formal interview where the heads of household would meet to arrange a marriage between their offspring, who didn’t have much of a say in the matter (especially not the bride; the groom could possibly get out of it if he insisted). Thus, an “omiai kekkon” could be accurately translated as an “arranged marriage”.

However, the tradition of “omiai” has stuck around, even though it no longer carries nearly the same weight. A modern-day “omiai” is more like a blind date set up by friends or relatives, with no obligation to actually get married if the date doesn’t go well. In fact, the definition has extended so much that family doesn’t have to be involved at all. In essence, a modern “omiai” is “a date with marriage on the table”.

Basically, it wouldn’t have made much sense if Norie said, “Does that make this an arranged marriage?” so I sort of translated around it. But for those who are curious, that’s the full story.

We’ll see you for Part 3: -Longing-

12 thoughts on “Tamayura ~graduation photo~ Part 2

  1. EinsamerWanderer

    Wonderful, thank you much! Tamayura always brightens my day; looking forward to Part 3.

  2. stealthmomo

    Thank you so much. And thanks for the lesson about omiai. I treasure info like that.

    So sad this series is wrapping up. Five years of Fuu and friends. I shall miss them dearly once they are gone. Glad you are doing it to the end. Thank you again. peacepeace

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      Wow, that was unexpected, and really sad. Such a shame when someone dies so young, but I guess these things happen. It was wonderful having her as part of this anime.

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