Some updates

First off, the elephant in the room:

EveTaku is dead.

It happens.

I stopped being actively involved in the group quite a while back and others ran the label for a while. Eventually, I no longer really knew much of the staff or the workflow or the goings-on of the group I was supposed to be the leader of. Then the people keeping the group marginally alive moved on, and even if I wanted to revive the group, there’s nobody left to ask. Heck, I’m not even sure who is still paying for our webserver (which I still use for other projects). Whoever it is, you’re awesome, and honestly the site is yours to do whatever with.

I see little point in continuing the group name, when it’s just going to be different people anyway. However, there will be these exceptions:

Tamayura ~graduation photo~ (the movies) will continue under the tag Nishi-Taku for legacy purposes. I plan to finish all four movies (I just saw the second today. I was unable to procure the BD at the theater but I’ve ordered it from a seller on Yahoo Auctions and hopefully once I pay tomorrow it will be finalized) and after two seasons already under our belt, it’s just going to be confusing if the tag changes. The only staff I can guarantee will be the same is myself. I can probably get a hold of the editor again. skullking has retired from subbing, so someone else will be doing the encode. I don’t want to bother fara too much, so odds are I will do the typesetting myself, perhaps with some help from whoever else I can get ahold of.

Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 2 is planned to continue under Vivid-Taku. Translator/editor/encoder will be the same; for typesetter, trichinas has retired but so far conkerer has signed up for the role. Not sure about timer.

As for me, new projects of mine will be uploaded to my Nyaa account (or that of whoever I’m collaborating with) and I may occasionally post stuff on this blog.

Nevreen edit: I’m also going to be releasing the Oreimo S2 batch as soon as I stop being so lazy and quit stalling. Not sure how many of you will even care anymore, but I promised I’d do it, and other people have put too much work into it for me to drop it, so it’ll get done. Might pull some strings to see if I can get a BD release done with the updated scripts, but no promises for that one.

33 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. S_

    It’s sad to see you guys go, but what happens happens. Thank you so much for all your releases, from the Tamayura OVAs to being the only group to sub AKB0048 while it was airing. You’ve been great. It’ll be weird not to see the group around, but all the best to everyone.

  2. pudzrus

    Thanks for the honest update, sad though it may be. I’ll hang onto the ray of hope for Tamayura and Rabbit. I enjoy these immensely, and look forward to the results of your hard work. Ganbare!

  3. NamcoPro

    ;_; I picked you guys up when someone was actually outspeeding gg on Ben-To and loved most releases ever since. It’s sad that everyone is moving on.

    Goddammit Daiz.

  4. Alucard

    Another great group silently fading away and no decent replacement in sight … I fear for the future of fansubbing …

  5. TenAYuki

    Long live you guys for subbing ‘is the order a rabbit? Season 2′ I’m really grateful you sub it :’))
    I also appreciate other shows like tamayura and oreimo… well i can’t blame theon others cuz life must go on
    Best luck for you,,, ganbare!

  6. Allenby

    I liked most the stuff you subbed. It gave me new looks into other animes, and started me into anime well. It’s sad to see this group go. Yet; I’ll still be having my eyes on you. Good Luck to you, and keep up the great work. :)

  7. Chinese Anon

    In an unrelated turn of events, I had to bid farewell to a friend today.

    Is it my fault that you’re closing? I stumbled upon your channel just yesterday. Am I lucky or what?

  8. Jagler

    Well i enjoyed your released till now. almost everyday i checked this site, if you have counter that 1 point everyday is from me.
    You have promise for release tamayura ~graduation photo~ and please don’t drop that.
    Good luck and thankyou :)

  9. Chizuru

    Sad news, even if I only knew you through your Vivid-Taku Gochuumon season 1 sub. But I’m really, really happy you will take on season 2 anyway! Thank you very much for that :,)

  10. Failur

    Thanks for the update and thank you for all of the releases up until now (and any that may come in the future). You guys were one of the first groups I discovered when I started watching anime again and it’s been a blast. I really enjoyed your work on SAO, AKB0048, Sakurasou, and No Game No Life. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  11. Bob

    Thanks for the info!
    Sad to hear that EveTaku will be no more, but glad to hear you’ll “continue” tamayura :)
    Good luck and thanks for all your work ;)

  12. vaans02

    Its sad that you guys have to go as well. It was fun always waiting for your subs of my favorite anime back then. How time pass. But I hope its not the end of fansubbing. Thank you for all your hardwork in giving us quality fansubs and best of luck!

  13. Oscar

    ~~~ > _ < ~~~

    Thank you all for everything that you have done so far… will be looking forward to the remaining parts of Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ and the second season of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?.

  14. ichigoteguz

    Really sad to see you go, you were one of my favorite fansubbers, thank you for all your quality work until now, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

  15. skylion

    Nothing lasts forever, so we have to appreciate what we have, when we have it. So with that in mind, I want to thank you for contributing to some very good memories of mine for quite a few years. I’ll go back and rewatch Inu x Boku again, just to revisit for a brief while…

  16. brc

    Seeing you die is sad. Thank you for all the episodes you subbed during all these years and good luck.

  17. Farewell

    Another amazing subbing group gone, just as gg-subs, UTW, and all those other great subs had left i hope you all the best in your lives. All those years of hard work i am grateful for. You’re one of the best subbers i had ever watched. Wish you all the best for the future. and Thankyou again, for all the time and effort put in for us Anime-watchers/lovers

  18. TsUNaMy WaVe

    Thank you very much, for everything you did and every anime you subbed. I had so much fun watching your Coppelion and Rozen Maided subs. I wish every member that was on this group good luck with his life from now on.


    Have always enjoyed this groups work. Thank you for all the time and thank you for continuing with tamayura until the end. It is immensely appreciated.

  20. Chizuru

    Hi, just wanted to ask how long it will take to release the first episode of Gochuumon.
    I don’t want to make pressure. Just want to know if you could release it within a week.

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      It’s out. Should be out within 48 hours at the latest every week, hopefully less.

  21. Triskelion

    Hey lyger, nice to know that you’re still alive!

    It’s sad to see that everyone is gone, but I still look forward to your work!

  22. Chizuru

    Thank you for the fast reply :D
    Cause I want to sub your version and I love your TS and the way the first season’s sub turned out.
    So good luck with season 2^^

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      I’ve been working on it slowly between my other projects. Translation should be (finally) finished within the week, but unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated typesetter, so I’m most likely going to have to do all the typesetting myself.

  23. sakeisgood

    Just checked this site after so long. Lots of fond memories in the irc chat. Have a great rest of your lives, guys :)

  24. Exkalamity

    Dear Evetaku,

    You guys were the first fansub group that I started to follow on my own. My first time with you guys was with A-Channel. Ever since then, a show getting subbed by you guys made it an automatic contender for my plan to watch list. I knew this was happening but it’s sad to see it set in stone. I wish you all the best.

    Yours Truly.

    PS I’m still waiting for more Ad-Lib Anime Kenkyuujou

  25. budyanto

    Thank you for subbing anime tamayura all this time. I am very greatfull. Now, after Tamayura ~graduation photo~ part 1, I will waiting for the second part. I hope It can be released early november. No pushing, just hoping.

    thank you.

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