Glasslip 13 (END) Release

glass13Come full circle…

Joint with Oyatsu. The saga is over! That’s it for Glasslip, folks. This feels weird because I QC’d for a certain Shirobako release (also P.A. Works), and after two cours that is over too.

I can’t say I remember too much at this point other than the fact that when I saw this final episode months ago, it didn’t make sense to me either. My notes tell me that this show was something about chickens and maybe Chopin, so it was probably pretty decent. Hope you enjoyed it!

As for Nisekoi season 2, I’m a bit too busy to commit enough time and effort to edit it this season, and I’m not sure if we have the staff anyway. Sorry. I kind of wanted to keep that going. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. We’re still working on those OVAs, I think, though.

TL: cykia
TLC: Fukuragi
Edit: Ioryogi
Time, ktime: sm2345
kfx: Timescar
TS: twinkle-
Encode: Majin3
QC: twinkle-, sm2345, Zehro
Misc. k-something tasks: cykia

Episode 13 720p 10bit (to update)
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7 thoughts on “Glasslip 13 (END) Release

  1. GeassGx

    \o/ More chickens!

    Sad to hear about Nisekoi S2, was hoping to see your release. I can always pray and hope. Looking forward to the OVAs

  2. chingchangchung

    Too bad to hear about Nisekoi :/

    This whole show was just weird random stuff happening, I honestly don’t know why I kept watching this

  3. anonymouse

    You’re really breaking my heart with that announcement. Still, thanks for finishing Glasslip, even if it took this long.

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