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  1. Heucuva

    Is anybody having issues with the subtitle in episode 2, when Rize is looking at the menu (17:44)?

    The menu shows the English translation for a moment, and then all subtitles disappear until Cocoa starts talking (18:01).

    Using MPC-HC, 1.7.6.x (multiple versions, same issue), same thing on both v1 and v2 of the file.

    1. Kitty

      make sure you’re using the updated CCCP, as it will be able to render it properly. this also assumes you’re not using a toaster of a computer, of course.

      1. Heucuva

        Hmmm – I’m using the standalone version of MPC-HC, since I don’t like installing codec packs (development box, need a controlled system-level environment).

        What version of CCCP is everybody using? I can see if the LAV versions match up.

          1. slackzy

            I think you can use xy-vsfilter as an external filter in MPC-HC. You don’t even need to install the xy-vsfilter dll.

          2. Heucuva

            I’m using whatever is built into MPC-HC – I have zero external plug-ins. :|

          3. Heucuva

            Just downloaded the xy-VSFilter (dll only) from the site, subtitles are fine for that file now.

            Guess the built-in subtitle renderer for MPC-HC needs a bit of work. :|

          4. meneldal

            Well the internal subtitles renderer of MPC-HC is broken beyond repair, it’s basically a hacked version of an old vsfilter which works horribly bad when resizing video by the way. I only put up with this when I watch some stuff with srt subs that I download halfway through the ep and need to load them without reloading.

        1. Asumin

          Save yourself a whole lot of trouble next time by just installing CCCP.
          Takes less than 5 minutes. It takes more time to make a post and wait for a reply.

          1. Heucuva

            As I mentioned before, I need to keep a clean system environment since this is a development box. Installing a whole bunch of codecs is not really an option in this case.

            Put it another way – if I get bad errors while debugging, it will take way more than 5 minutes to figure out if it is CCCP’s fault or something else in the system.

          2. Xythar

            CCCP isn’t really “a whole bunch of codecs”. It’s just MPC-HC, xy-vsfilter, and LAV Filters.

            But to each his own.

          3. Asumin

            I’m in computer engineering and never had any issues with it. And in any case, finding conflicts is a part of debugging.

          4. Heucuva

            It does matter when your development area is in media (recording, playback, detection, etc, etc.).

            I have MPC-HC on portable mode and use it as a baseline of sorts.

            Annnnnnnny ways… Things are working now, so I’m happy, and everybody is free to use whatever they want. :)

        2. qjqqyy

          try mpv (it’s a CLI app yes), it doesn’t interfere with system codecs and it does a decent output with opengl-hq and libass

    1. Pikminiman

      I don’t know the answer to this question, but I do know that Coalgirls is doing the BDs for this show, using Vivid-Taku subs. Only problem is that they’re encoding at CRF 15 for the 720p release, so the release is bloated as hell. But that’s par for the course with Coalgirls. At least it looks good.

      So, regardless of whether Vivid or Evetaku do the BDs themselves, it’s getting done.

      1. Xythar

        CRF 15 is pretty reasonable for 720p. That’s usually what I use for BDs.

        I don’t approve of them taking out the karaoke, though, and last I saw they were using outdated scripts. I believe FFF is doing a proper release but I’m not sure where it’s at.

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