AKB0048 Episode 26 (Finale) Released!

AKB0048_FINALEAnd here’s the grand finale!

Today I had the opportunity to watch an American amateur J-pop idol group perform “Aitakatta” on the front steps of my university’s library. I feel like that event was somehow symbolic.

So AKB0048 finally ends! Here’s some final words from the staff:

lyger (translator, typesetter, QC) – Well, where do I even start? A project that began as a whim ended up becoming some of the most fun I’ve ever had both working on and watching an anime. I can’t say the experience turned me into an AKB48 fan, but I’ve definitely come to understand and appreciate the group, and a decent amount of new songs have found their way into my library. There were lots of fun translation challenges to deal with, as well as some infrequent but hellish typesetting to handle (on this front, I had occasional help from dae and fara). All in all, I had a great time, and I hope all you viewers enjoyed as well.

Calyrica (kfx, ktimer, backup timer) – ANIME OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE JUST WATCH IT OMG ALL MY FEELS!

lunr (timer) – nagisa best character. Man, it sure has been an adventure, the last 2 seasons. AKB0048 is a great anime, there are some plot holes here and there but surely, it’s all about the music. Ever since S1, AKB has really been a part of my daily life, from buying their CD’s and merchandise to listening AKB music during my travels. Since S1, I have accumulated over 20+ AKB CD’s and I even participated in a few AKB events as well. I feel sad that the anime is already ending, there are still some questions unanswered but I am hoping there will be some sort of OVA or movie along the lines (Let’s just hope Kuumin, Shawako and Nakayan comes back). Overall, I had great fun working on AKB, I’m glad that we choose this as a project. Thank you to all the people who supported and watched our releases.

Jeffrey-sama (editor) – Going into AKB0048, I expected it to be yet another idol show (like THE iDOLM@STER) which I would come to enjoy without really getting into the fandom. Midway through the first season, I realized I was wrong. Thanks to another season of 0048, my interest in and appreciation for the idol group that is AKB48 has increased even further. And although I’m not a hardcore wota, I can see myself supporting the group for the months, and possibly even years, to come. Overall, AKB0048 was an extremely enjoyable show to work on, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our work throughout the season. Thanks for flying EveTaku and we hope to see you again! Also, Mayuyu <3

[others coming eventually]

Oh yeah, volume 5 of S1 Blu-rays is happening. The main thing left to do is the special feature, which usually takes a while. The episodes are mostly done and typesets updated and whatnot.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear me ramble, you want the episode. So scroll on down.

Translator, typesetter, QC: lygerzero0zero
Editor: Jeffrey-sama
Timer: lunr
Kfx, ktiming: Calyrica
Encoder: hellborn

720p 10-bit mkv:

720p 8-bit mkv:

480p XviD avi:

92 thoughts on “AKB0048 Episode 26 (Finale) Released!

  1. walleye

    Man, I should send you guys bottles of champagne. Happy Easter and Thank You. It’s been one helluva ride we had for the past year. :)

  2. Anonymous

    omg omg gomgomg

    I’m not totally incapacitated from Ambien yet… but waiting for A DDL from here or animetosho will :(

  3. Patrick

    So I feel like this has already been answered but…. by finale do you mean completely done? No Season 3?

    1. Kyota

      I hope there is a third season to be honest, there are still some unanswered questions.

      1. Daggy

        Yeah like who the heck shot Chieri’s father and why, what kind of plot hole is that?

        1. anime fan

          Its highly probable it was a hired gun, and it was probably done so that someone could move up in power. I got the impression in this final episode that [spoiler] Chieri’s nonviolent approach to stopping people, and her resistance to using micsabers was supposed to reflect that she’d moved on and didn’t seek revenge on the person/people/group/organization that killed her father. Beyond that Chieri has now ascended beyond human form, and can transform into energy (granted she may only be able to do it during Kiria radiance just like the shielding), so there may not be much room for her to evolve further. [/spoiler]

    2. Shuro

      I don’t know the answer either but, I REALLY hope there is a third season as well :o

    3. anime fan

      I’d suspect that its unlikely that we’ll see a season 3. If I recall correctly they had the to be continued season two message at the end of season one. Since they didn’t have a similar thing this time they probably weren’t offered a renewal contract. That being said they did leave a few areas open for expansion should the opportunity present itself, and if they have good dvd/blu-ray sales that might help bring about a third season. [spoiler] The DES is still out there with a Head Quarters giving orders, we don’t know who shot (or ordered the hit on) Chieri’s father, there are still planets under entertainment bands, and Nagisa still hasn’t achieved her goal of going Center Nova like Chieri and Yuko (granted she did achieve her goal of saving Yuko). [/spoiler]

      1. Jakeman95

        It is unfortunately very likely that you are right, and that we won’t see a third season. I know that the inner Japan reception of the anime has not been that good and don’t think that it sells too well. While I was in Japan when the first season finished up airing and the first two BDs were released, you could see advertisements for them, but there were a lot of copies that just sat there (well, except the ones I bought). The girls themselves, AKB48, are hugely popular, if not questionably so tho; however, I think the anime has done well among the foreign anime viewers.

        As for the anime itself, although there are excellent items that a 3rd season could emerge from, it is really hard to say if they will. I mean, they did close a lot of the major emotional and plot points that were there. However, I do think it is possible that, even though they didn’t have a “continuation” phrase at the end of season 2 like they did season 1, I think it could happen under the name of “Encore Stage” or “Another Stage” being that, if enough people do buy it (chant), they may put on an encore or a performance at another stage. I can only hope, like the nameless sailors or poets, that someday a good follow up series (or season!) will come. (I actually had a small hope they might even prolong finish as many of the plot items as they did just so they could do another season (or few seasons… honestly, I was hoping for like 1 a year xD).

        Anyway, thanks once again for your dedication to the series EveTaku!

        1. walleye

          The issue is that the Japanese fandom there, both otaku and wota, tend to be very insular, and it’s said that neither of the two can mix together easily, and in this case, it seems that they don’t want to bother themselves with this show because it doesn’t meet their own standards. Indeed, many factors have inhibited this show from attaining sizable popularity, and thus is sadly passed over by more popular adaptation titles and familiar character designs.

          On the other hand, however, it would be of pleasant surprise to Starchild and King Record execs that there is actually a viable audience for this show outside their borders, as viewers find themselves looking for information on AKB48 and their songs.

          Also, this show will be remembered more for its use of real popular AKB songs, something that most anisongs (unfortunately they come and go) have trouble with shelf life in the public mind.

          1. jakeman95

            Sadly it is true. I have noticed amongst the Japanese fans of the real AKB48 groups that this anime is unfamiliar and is not up to what they hold as a “standard” for AKB. It is sad that it has happened, especially when the anime is actually well put together, well designed, has (at least IMO) stellar art and visuals, and, at that, the music that they love*. But, I guess this is the fanbase that they have and will cater towards.

            I do think that the anime has done well outside Japan. I think it caught the attention of many people with the music, art, and “sci-fi” aspect. I think because of that, they’ve opened a door for the group to become more popular internationally (especially if they get an international release).

            Now, I can’t say that it has made a huge fan out of me for the actual group -the girls are cute, and songs are great, but the whole air around the group is… well, it is what it is. However, since I started watching S1 last year, I have looked into and found that I do enjoy their music. Heck, I even visited the place in Akiba that was mentioned in the anime, tho, I didn’t get to actually see them perform (getting tickets is ridiculous).

            It would be nice for a S3; however, I am not going to hold my breath as I have a feeling the BD sales aren’t going to be that great. Tho, I know they have at least sold one… mine, so… here’s to keeping hope!

      2. Shuro

        Also yeah, along with the 2 above there probably won’t be another season as unfortunate as it is. I would love to see another one to answer the questions left unanswered ad also cause it really is a good anime. However, I think they are gonna have a tough time out-doing the finale they did here. All in all though, we can hope :)

        1. Firanja

          There has to be a third season i am not satisfied until i see Kanata as Takamina.

  4. Anakti_48

    Thank you guys! You’re Awesome! I’m hoping there’s season 3 after this… Let’s just wait… :D

  5. Lions

    One can only hope for a third season, as this was undoubtedly the best show of the season for me, just as the first was.

  6. AKBFans48

    Thanks for the Upload :) It has been a great show ^^ Really love AKB0048 Anime ^^

  7. Sopherion

    Thank you guys very much for subbing this awesome show!
    I spotted an error at 16:23. Missing a “to” between 0048 and continue.

    1. dgw

      In the spirit of corrections, I caught a kara goof around 14:25, where the line reads “kono namida wo kimi mi sasagu” (s/ mi / ni /).

  8. laine

    Thanks for the release!

    I see you actually modified the CRC hashtag to 00480048… because of that I’m having problems with the file. It’ll play fine and all, but in Win7 I’m unable to move, or delete the file (and I downloaded it on 2 different computers from 2 different sources: irc bot/ddl). Yes I’m admin and tried restarting the computers too. Ended up using a 3rd party deletion tool to get rid of it. Had this problem before with a modified CRC from another group… Any chance you can release a proper without the modified hashtag? Thanks!

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      That’s… very peculiar. If someone reminds me tomorrow, I can upload a patch to create a “normal” file from the one with the hacked CRC, but I have no clue why four bytes at the end of the file would mess up your file system operations that much.

      1. laine

        Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I dunno why modified CRC files have problems with my computers, but they do. Both Win7 Pro 32bit and Win7 Ult 64bit had same problem.

        Anyhow, someone in an IRC channel was able to help me out. Told me to use MKVmerge and just mux the file over again and it fixed it for me. :) So if anyone else is having problems, just do that. Thanks again for the release, so sad to see it end.

        1. My1

          I have no Problem with the file. but I thought that it was quite a coincidence, but you modified the file for the CRC, I dont rly like that…

        2. olexijl

          Question 1: What are you using for playback of the file?

          Question 2: Do you have DivX installed on the system?

          If you use DivX on the system, it is mostly responsible for that. Remove it and replace through K-lite codec pack. K-lite has the same MKV preview functionality – even with more format support.

    2. someoneorother

      Did you try hi-liting the file, right clicking, choosing Properties, and “Unblocking” it?
      Newly downloaded files are “Blocked” for security purposes under Windows.
      It makes them hard to work with.

      1. anonon

        This is a problem with the shell integration that comes with whatever codec pack you installed. I have the same problem with K-Lite Codec Pack. The shell integration will try to read information from the file (such as length of the video, etc.), but it seems to hang when it encounters anomaly at the end of the file. As a result, the file handler on the file is kept opened, preventing the file from being moved or renamed.

        The shell integration is activated whenever you click on the file (since it needs to display information in the lower panel). Therefore, you need external program to close the file handler, then use command line to operate on the file. OpenedFileViewer (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/opened_files_view.html) is one program that lets you view opened file handler and close it. (I am not affiliated with the creator or the site).

        It seems that there are other codec packs that don’t have this problem – since it doesn’t seem that everyone is running into this problem. I guess other people are using CCCP?

        1. My1

          I am using neither I use KMplayer’s internal Codecs, and KMPlayer is really one of the best players for Video…

  9. DannyBoy

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    I really hope that get greenlit for a third season!

  10. Togop

    No season 3 announcement :(.
    Although season 1 was better, I was looking forward to this show every week. Thanks for the translations!

  11. sinkingmist

    Operator: Admiral! We have reports that the AKB propaganda is affecting our troops!
    Admiral: Those damned AKB witches!
    Operator: Wait, this can’t be right-
    Chieri warps inside the battleship.
    Admiral: OMFG, it’s real witchcraft. Get us the hell out of here. GET US OUT!

  12. AKBFans48

    I’m a bit confuse, can some one explain to me?
    I know Nagisa succeed Maeda Atsuko The 13th
    but why is she called Maeda Atsuko The 14th ? instead of 13th?

    1. Kyota

      She’s the 14th person to hold the name of Maeda Atsuko. Thus, she is known as Maeda Atusko the 14th. The Acchan that shows up in season one, episode one, is Maeda Atusko the 13th.

  13. gandalf8

    That was one heck of a finale. Thanks a lot guys for translating this series week-in week-out.

    I’m hoping against hope that a third season will materialize. I don’t know how popular the anime is amongst the Japanese fans, but I do know that the real world AKB48 has been hit with a lot of scandals recently, so the producers might find it a bit hard to finance a continuation. Anyone know anything that would substantiate or dispel my conjectures on this issue?

    On a side note, I really hope that the continuation won’t turn out to be a series of movies that retells the tv series while adding an extended ending ala Macross Frontier. I don’t think all the unanswered questions left over like Chieri’s dad’s assassination, the reason DES and Zodiac wanted to capture a Center Novae, and who Kanata will finally succeed as can be fully addressed in a movie format.

    Hopefully, if a season 3 does get made, they’ll make it about how AKB0048 goes from planet to planet, freeing the populace from the entertainment ban, while moving closer towards DES’s home planet, and end it with an epic space battle-cum-concert. And we’ll have the DES forces with their big battleships and innumerable unmanned LAS craft pitted against the hugely outnumbered idols with their mic-sabers and a few LAS plus KIRARA POWER lol. Well, one can dream, right…

    1. walleye

      “I don’t know how popular the anime is amongst the Japanese fans, but I do know that the real world AKB48 has been hit with a lot of scandals recently, so the producers might find it a bit hard to finance a continuation. Anyone know anything that would substantiate or dispel my conjectures on this issue?”

      Reception even for the first season was lukewarm at best, as it was reported that there were unsold piles of DVD/BD discs at retailers. There is what appears to be a domestic otaku aversion towards the AKB franchise, generally criticism towards that girl group’s overexposure, the aforementioned incidents, screenwriter Mari Okada and her quality of work, “non-standard” character designs, and so on. Hence the slur “3DPD”.

      The real-life AKB wota — these guys hate the otaku and vice-versa, from what I heard — are just as indifferent and highly insular, as they’re more interested in buying singles — the hardcore even buy in bulk, hence the massive sales figures (and this is even acknowledged in the authorized manga AKB49) — for handshake tickets and other freebies, including voting ballots for senbatsu elections, which may explain for the low sales numbers (below 4k units) for the Next Stage BD.

      1. jakeman95

        Nope, you are pretty much on target with what has caused the low reception of the anime. It’s mainly the distaste between the different fan types for each other’s otaku tendencies. While I was there, I wouldn’t say that there were huge stacks of unsold BDs, but there certainly were unsold ones at several of the stores (tho, there were ones sitting there for other animes as well). Tho, I would like to point out that about 80% of anime sales take place right at release, so it isn’t unheard of; but yes, it did not sell all that well for mainly the above reasons (at least, as far as Japan goes).

        I think their better off looking to appeal to foreign anime fans right now as they aren’t “crazily” obsessed AKB48 fans… yet…. Tho it really does sadden me as I think it was a really solid series, and even if the group backing the music does have some crazily obsessive fans, and some scandals, I think the music was well placed into the series and I personally find the animation really good.

        Why have they not released a Chieri figure yet?!?! =|

        1. Walleye

          There’s a Tamashii Nations Figuarts Chieri static figurine, but also a Nagisa poseable figurine, but they have yet to release them.

  14. Rina

    It won’t work for me… D: .MKV doesn’t work on my computer so I tried switching it to .mp4 and that didn’t work… and now i feel like crying.

      1. DQA

        VLC is getting outdated. Most people would recommend CCCP nowadays (which contains Media Player Classic).

  15. anonymous

    Thank you so much guys! I really enjoyed your subs! AKB will live forever in our hearts!

  16. anime fan

    At one point in the last episode one of the girls on the flying get said the [spoiler] DES has widthdrawn, but the impression I got was that they were forced away (teleported to another time/space) by the power of the AKB0048 girls and the Kiria. Granted nothing can be done to emphasis or confirm the point since I’m sure she did use the term withdraw. [/spoiler]

  17. Calyrica

    Just a heads up that the kara is fucked on Mac. The syllables aren’t in the right position on like all of the songs. I don’t get it. Should be fine on PC, though. Libass is stupid.

    1. Troyen

      I had no problem using MPlayer Extended on Mac. All the karas looked fine to me. (Just checked VLC too and it syncs up right, though seems laggy.)

      What video player are you using?

      1. lygerzero0zero Post author

        We worked out the issue. It had to do with improper bold fonts. It’ll be fixed for the batch.

  18. Jakeman95

    Evetaku, thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you guys put into this series. It was really one hell of a series, and it was likely exceptionally hard with all of the singing as well. You knocked it out of the park and did an awesome job. It’s just too bad that this is likely the end even though there’s a lot of room for a season 3 imo.

    Also, if you guys ever need any BD rips, let me know as I’m buying all the BDs and importing them cause really the series was just that good. There was never a dull moment, and I hope if there ever is a 3rd season, you guys will pick it up! xD

    From one fansubber to another, keep up the great work, and thanks for always believing in the music!


    Thanks for all the hard work. I don’t think there will be a season 3. It wrapped itself up despite the “plot holes” which I think aren’t meant to be answered completely. 0048 always had Nagisa and Chieri as the main characters of sorts and they both have reached a major mile stone. One has become a successor, a huge successor at that, while the other has become the Center. We know about the mystery behind Sensei Sensei and the kirara and what happened to all the previous centers. Add to it that Chieri is a Center now and the whole vanishing thing is resolved. It’s over. I’m sad to see it go but it’s over. A very good music anime. Although I did like S1 more than S2 honestly.

  20. Eric

    really surprise cos of Nagisa become Acchan the 14th.. wowww!!!

    thx for the AKB0048 this season!!

    hope there is another season heheheee………..

  21. Rai

    Thanks alot!
    It’s a better closing than alot of other anime’s out there. Although I was really hoping they could’ve made it a trilogy with the next one being Final Stage or something, but it seems it is very doubtful. If I thought Kawamori couldn’t make AKB0048 crazier, he went and made Next Stage, so congrats to him and I hope that even though he doesn’t continue AKB0048, he will go on to make crazy Macross animes in the future.
    Though one thing is, how is Chieri going to work as a Center Nova even though she hasn’t even been given a successor name yet. We pretty much all figured out Nagisa was gonna be Acchan, and since Yuuko disappeared it seemed that the Chieri->Yuuko would work, but now that Yuuko’s back…yeah…

  22. tsunku

    ppl who give out spoilers in comments without hiding it should be shot, hung, flailed, and beaten.

  23. AON

    Thank you for subbing this entire series! What a ride! Cant express my gratitude enough m( __ __ )m

  24. Animenz

    Thank you so much for your hard work. I even dedicated my Aruji Naki Sono Koe Piano cover to you guys.

    And so.. it ends.
    Well then, AKB0048 was definitely the anime, I had most fun with in the past 9 months. It has been an amazing ride, from Nagisas journey from the very beginning to finally becoming a Successor.

    I’ll miss this great series and I hope, one day, AKB0048 will become a cult favorite among anime fans.

    Until next stage then~

  25. oliolio

    IMHO this was the anime of the season for me!on another note i think getting the title of Maeda Atsuko is better as from what i see any1 can be a centre nova with the right requirements lol.

    1. lol

      Yeah, that’s why Nagisa became a Center Nova, right? No, wait, she didn’t….

      Watch carefully, it’s not only about the those requirements, but also about having the right state of mind, and of course having the potential (among the understudy only Chieri and Nagisa had real Center Nova potential). Only when all those elements combine, a new Center Nova is born. So it’s not easy at all. It’s actually really really hard, way harder than becoming a successor, which only requires affinity with the soul of the original.

  26. Elf

    Thanks for subbing both seasons

    @ 15:00 Ranka’s phone appears most unexpected gust appearance ever

  27. WOTA#1

    Damn. I really want another season.. :(
    There’s much more to come… I still want to see what Nagisa will turn out into.. Please make a new season. I beg of you.


  28. oflik

    It’s a bit unrelated but did you still planning to translate Heart-gata Operation ?

    1. lygerzero0zero Post author

      It sorta got stalled because ironically enough we lack scanlation staff (and also because I got busy with other projects). A redrawer would be helpful.

    1. My1

      not definitely. if they plan a 3rd season in Summer (the 2nd also came 2 seasons after the first) then we’ll see what will be the AOTY…

  29. Francis

    I can’t wait for volume 5 of the AKB0048 season 1 Blu-Ray to be released here on Evetaku with subtitles. :)

  30. kamugin

    Thank you very much for your hard work, this anime was a pleasant surprise and the ending really moved me. I hope there is a third season.

  31. Max

    I know, that this is not enough…. but thanks! Thanks for subbing and give me the possibility to watch such an amazing anime! I’m waiting patiently for all the next AKB0048’s BDs! Thanks again, I love you all! …hoping in a 3rd season! :)

  32. Hyo Haysbert

    Of course like your website however you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the reality however I’ll certainly come back again.

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