Kami-sama no Memochou Episode 2 Released

Well…erh… It’s not what it looks like…

After a break of a week (or rather a re-airing) God’s note book is ready to be written in again.

This week was quite interesting due to both kamimemo and lolibasketball being worked on at the exact same time.
I would like to thanks Neibs for being the communicative bridge between us and Holey, as well as Holey being the connection between lyger and the rest of us.
And a Special thanks to Squiggy, for going above and beyond the call of duty, and doing most of the typesetting for us, styling the ED and making sure it worked, and BEING AWESOME.
Well we hope you enjoy this latest episode of KamiMemo~

Translator: Akirascuro, puddizle
Karaoke: Squiggy (ED STYLIN~), Holeymeister (timing), lygerzero0zero (OP STYLIN~)(TL), puddizle (TL)
Editor: Kagecode, Holeymeister
QC: Holeymeister
Timing: Squiggy
Typesetting: Squiggy, Kagecode
XviD: Kagecode
Sleepless as fuck: S q u i g g y


XviD 480p:

7 thoughts on “Kami-sama no Memochou Episode 2 Released

  1. I feel like a Ninja

    FABULOUS ~~~~~~

    Awesome thx for the quick release of Kamisama…..

    So Squiggy is now Fabulous

  2. Gazelle

    only 286MB. Cool. :D
    I’m glad I’m following your release instead of UTW’s xD

    1. puddizzle Post author

      ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha.

      No, seriously, Holey and Kage were QCing at 2AM after working on RKB with me, scripts and edits being lost during file transfers, our main translator was out dancing with butterflies, and a lot of other crap happened.

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